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hi guys and welcome back to another

video so we are back with the

attract the zodiac sign series and we

are onto how you can attract yourself a

Gemini woman I of course just want to

say happy birthday Gemini I know we win

the season but still we are there happy

birthday and I of course in order to

know how to attract any zodiac sign or

in this case with the Gemini's how to

snatch them because trust me they're

going to be hard to catch we must look

at the common qualities and traits that

come with the sign

Gemini women they are very charming

women do not underestimate the charm of

the Gemini woman now yes libras are

charming the Gemini's are charming in

the sense that they know fine rightly

that they are doing it

Gemini women as well are very witty

they're very very quick they can use

those words like bullets so be prepared

to take a couple of wounds from time to

time but not only with their words

they're very quick in general you'll

find that they can move really fast

they're always doing something they

bored easily they don't want to be

sitting a bite all day then like to be

moving which is why if you find a Gemini

who lives in their own and is at home

all day because person might disco craze

it also Gemini women are very

intelligent and I think this is often

underestimated but yes very intelligent

women she is divergent she's flexible

she's very highly spontaneous and like I

said you know energetic she is also a

fantastic and I mean fantastic


she can talk about everything and

anything she would talk to a brick wall

if she could and sometimes they do if

they do go get driven crazy they will

talk to a brick wall but most of all she

is too sad

of this very same coin Gemini women like

I said they are not the types of people

who are up for staying at home for too

long and she cannot be teamed either

much like the Sagittarians cannot beat

and neither can gemini they're opposite

signs after all and side note Molly says

this is a cherries you know song can't

beat and yeah yeah make sure as well to

keep an eye on those hound movements

that you may potentially do I got a

Gemini met heaven and I tend to do that

yes keep your eye your keen eye almost

hung business because if she

occasionally and unconsciously

point-source direction perhaps - yay she

might she might actually be interested

in you another thing as well if you do

make a pass at her leave it at that just

just leave it at that

Gemini women are very alert very alert

she'll most likely notice if you are

interested in her if a Gemini woman

really likes you she'll saucy tight more

likely than not she will go and seek the

one she has her eye on yet at the same

time tried to really lead her into a

conversation with you ok and when you

get there if you get that conversation

started ask her about her plans and her

ideas ask her about her because most

likely than that she's willing to talk

better yet what she would really admire

if you add fuel to that incredible mind

that she has by adding more ideas as

well because you see Gemini's they are

like the idea builders of the zodiac

they build bridges of ideas so

ultimately when it comes to attracting

her use your language because language

is like an art to Gemini's and try to

switch such the topics around be

versatile be flexible just like she's

versatile and she's flexible by the same

time try to keep the topics a little bit

light-hearted do not go too personal too


that's all comes very very much later

you gotta keep in mind that she can keep

up with your peers but can you keep up

with hers whereas other signs they hit

whenever you play games with them

especially capricorns Gemini's on the

other hand they love to play games but

more specifically Gemini women they

might enjoy if you play the same game

that she is playing with you at one

minute she just might be coming on to

you a little bit for the next completely

unaware I think it boils down to her

gassing it's keeping her gasps and

keeping her on her toes as a way to

actually attract her what you could do

is you could try surprising her and try

suggesting the experiences that you

might enjoy such as I don't know dance

lessons or taking up a language course

doing things that are spontaneous doing

things that are different doing things

where she can actually learn something

as well might actually interest her and

the great thing to know about Eman eyes

is that they don't discriminate and if

you are actually from a different

culture or a different background it

might actually interest her as oh

remember I never seen as a person I've

never met such a person oh so what do

you you know what do you eat

what do you work as what do you like

where do you go it's always questions

questions question her you're completely

different to what she's like and geminis

usually really enjoys another way to

actually attract the general a woman is

to know that knowledge is par Gemini's

are like lifelong learners sure they

might be slightly shallow in their

knowledge but they knew pieces of so

many things sort of like they have all

the little puzzle pieces in a jigsaw

that then become

enacted to make this huge amazing jigsaw

so if you're studying something you talk

about it with her

most likely than not she was very

interested but at the same time be

confident in what you're saying know

what you're talking about and be

prepared for a good bit really really

these things just might make her want

you even more she might even find it

sexy if you are just as intelligent as

she is or perhaps even more intelligent

this is funny because I remember meeting

a Gemini female and the Virgo male

couple and of course both of these signs

are ruled by mercury I can see how the

Gemini on the virgos could come well

together but at the same time I can see

hi perhaps the Virgo could be a little

bit more discriminating like the Gemini

woman might be attracted to the verbal

mound because of their intelligence

thinking to themselves a while I really

admire this person intelligence they're

so wise they're so smart but then they

get into a boastful relationship and

just maybe just maybe suburban mom

drives her a little bit crazy

or it could be that they actually do

work really well together you know I can

see it being a possible good combination

but it's managed well right all couples

all Fine's

can mix well together if they're managed

correctly also another thing to keep in

mind with Gemini woman is that she

cannot be tied down so in order to

attract her make it clear that you will

give her the space that she requires

ultimately you just got to trust in the

Gemini woman and I think that that is

really important within relationships

for two people to be able to go their

own way have their own space have their

own ability to just do what they got to

do but yet they know that they're

devoted to one another and they're loyal

to one another and they can come back to

each other and unite because you see

acting decisively with the Gemini woman

just home not fly and neither will

pressurizing her into any commitments


she is ready make sure that you avoid

jealousy at all costs geminizers love

conversation and they see every

conversation as a platonic conversation

so don't get jealous about that if maybe

she's going and she's speaking to

somebody else you must trust in her just

like you must trust in any relationship

ultimately was the Gemini woman she is

not somebody that you can hold lastly if

you do want to attract her you've got a

mixture is that you get her when the

iron is hot she just might give you her

number okay but you gotta call her as

soon as possible I get ideas or ranched

if you leave it for too long you might

just miss your shot because Gemini's

bored very quickly and then they're just

on to the next thing they are social

butterflies after all so they will just

fly off okay guys so that concludes my

video of how you can attract yourself a

very witty unpredictable and clever

Gemini woman thank you kindly to my

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