Friends With Benefits - EASY Process

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hey viewers how does a guy actually go

about finding a friends-with-benefits

style relationship how do you even go

about establishing this kind of

relationship how do you identify a woman

who's open to casual sex outside of a

committed relationship well today I'm

going to cover the following topics with


number one what should a

friends-with-benefits relationship

actually look like how can you identify

a woman who might be open to a friends

with benefits style relationship how to

establish a friends with benefits style

relationship with her and lastly how to

maintain a friends-with-benefits star

relationship with the woman once you've

started because those things can go

south real quick are you making some of

the huge mistakes that I see guys making

when it comes to starting these kinds of

relationships keep watching to find out

now I have to start this video by saying

friends-with-benefits relationships

casual sex relationships are a big topic

like it's huge there's so much that I

could say on it I could go on for hours

but I want to make this a short sharp

concise video so if there are little

bits and pieces they think Dameon should

have thrown this in Dameon should added

that I get it I'm trying to make cover

the big stuff the big obvious mistakes

guys are making if you stop making these

mistakes you're gonna start getting more

results right now

so why friends-with-benefits


why not one-night stands well I'll tell

you what I'm a huge fan of

friends-with-benefits relationships for

two reasons first and foremost for you


my clients most guys who watch super

confident and super talented flirting

with women friends with benefits

relationships are far more easy to

establish then one-night stands up but

the second reason the reason why even to

this day I much prefer focusing on

friends-with-benefits style

relationships with women is because

they're far more enjoyable they're

rewarding more rewarding both

emotionally because you're actually

connecting with another human being but

also sexually because sex on a one-night

stand is exciting but it's really great

sex because you're just learning about

each other when you start seeing the

same woman over and over and over again

I'm not talking about a long-term

relationship just saying you know a new

a new woman over and over and over again

the sex starts to become incredible as

you learn about each other's bodies

as you let go of any insecurities you

might have around sex around each other

because there's more trust and comfort

bill this next thing you become

absolutely mind-blowing so if you want

better sex and you want some emotional

rewarding experiences then

friends-with-benefits style

relationships are the ones for you so

what should an ideal

friends-with-benefits relationship look

like and really this is the first big

mistake that guys make when guys say the

words friends-with-benefits what they

really picture is booty cool right um

it's 10:30 at night I'm feeling kind of

horny here in bed I don't really want to

masturbate what are you up to that's not

what a friends with benefits star

relationship actually supposed to look

like that's a booty call and that's a

deeply flawed problem the reason why

it's a big mistake is that most women

don't want a booty call they're not

looking for a booty call most women

could get a booty call just by going on

tinder and going hey who's DTF right

they don't they don't need you to

fulfill that need I get it that some

women are okay like they're looking for

that and I want that but most aren't

you're gonna be lose a lot of

opportunities if that's what you see a

friends with benefits star relationship

is a friends with benefits relationship

is kind of in the name that should be

your hint our friends with benefits

relationship is friends who you sleep

with right so there is an emotional

reward there there's an emotional

connection and there's a physical

attraction but you're not bringing a

relationship you're not bringing

commitment or anything long-term or

expectations into the equation and for

by far the greatest number of women who

are going to who are likely to engage in

more in/out outside of relationship

Affairs with guys that's what they're

looking for they're not just looking to

be pounded by a guy although that's fun

they're looking to connect with someone

and actually have a guy who likes them

who they like like personally in return

who they can catch up with now and again

that's what these women that's what most

women who are in the space are looking

for and most men aren't offering that

they're just trying to do the booty call

thing because that's what they're

picturing so that's the first big

mistake that guys make the next big

mistake that guys make is they're not

really very good at identifying which

women are likely to be open to

friends-with-benefits star relationships

so most most men

what we do is we go out to a bar a club

and we have this mentality of if she's

dressed sexy she wants sex that's the

the mindset that we have and actually

this is will not serve you very well at

all if you go to a nightclub and you

just focus on the women who addressed as

scantily as possible you're gonna find

you're gonna start to run into a whole

bunch of frustration and it's one of the

things that most men need to learn

really early on it can take them a while

is that the women who are dressed really

scantily are often doing it that doing

that for attention not for sex and so

you got it you're gonna have to take

that mindset you have to throw it out

the window

the ones who the women who avoid for

example in my life who have had the you

know the most successful with with

friends-with-benefits casual sex style

relationships you wouldn't pick it you

wouldn't look at a god as a chicken once

and look at her she's practically

begging for it that's not what they look

like they look like a regular women

dressed like regular women they're not

trying to show off they're not begging

and gagging for attention you're not

gonna pick it based on how they dress so

how are you gonna pick it what can you

do instead to try to identify the kinds

of women who are open for it open to it

so there are a couple of things first of

all there can be a couple of really

great green flags what are green flags

green flags are situations lifestyle

situations that women have that make

them far more likely to be open to a

friends with benefits star relationship

what might they be well first of all

tourists so any woman you might meet who

isn't here for a long time if she's here

for a month two months three months four

months right

here's studying where I'm at the moment

and the Gold Coast we have a huge number

of especially Brazilians and Colombians

and Japanese students and you know it's

terrible but they're all here and they

here for just a like three four five six

months that's fantastic because they can

test they know they can't establish long

term relationships here and so that's a

first green flag

what's another green flag another green

flag is a woman who is recently divorced

or recent out of a long-term

relationship many of these women feel

like they've been with the one guy for a

really long time and they feel like they

were committed to him and often if

you're frustrated that he and turned out

to be a complete Turkey or he cheated on

them Lots and now they

want to be selfish and just enjoy

themselves and focus on getting the most

out of life this is another really great

green flag that you can look for so

flags like this I end up being really

promising when you can find them in a

woman but there's something else you can

do as well now this is a trick from my

school of online dating course which is

like an entire course about how to how

to meet attract and establish casual sex

relationships and long-term

relationships with women I'll put a link

below but basically this is what are you

gonna do what you've got to do is you've

got to say to her I love being single

now you what you need to do is not do it

in a sleazy way so how do I do it how do

I talk about this I might say to you

know I gotta say I really love being

single I get to be selfish right now

like I get to just focus on me on Damien

right I don't don't worry about anyone

else I don't have to I don't have to

think about looking after someone else's

feelings and emotions I just get to

focus on me and really focus on my own

development build up this company that

I've got running you know my time

doesn't belong to anyone but me I'm

really liking this point Tyler I'm

really growing as a human being right

now now that is a non very non sleazy

way of saying I want to stay single

right I don't want to be in a

relationship now why you want to do this

is because this is a fantastic screening

opportunity so you're not being sleazy

so you're not gonna cause it do it Oh

gross what a sleaze but what you are

gonna see is her reaction to a guy who

doesn't want to be in a relationship who

is flirting with her so you've got to be

flirting you got to be teasing in banter

I talk about that in other videos that's

not for today but if you're doing that

and then you let her know hey I like

being single I'm enjoying this phase of

just being selfish you're gonna see a

reaction now some moment women will sort

of start to become much more distant

from you right

they'll dull so let's take a step back

they'll become a little bit less

interested great because those women

aren't open to the concept of a

friends-with-benefits relationship but

what you'll be surprised by is how many

women are going to be like yeah I

totally get that

I love taking time to be selfish by five

oh I know exactly where you're at I

split it with this long-term partner

I've been with my partner for five years

and now I just want to be all about me I

just want to be selfish you'll be amazed

how many times you're gonna get a really


spots and if you get that positive

response of her then you know that she's

open to because she gets the idea of

wanting to be single wanting to be

selfish just wanting to focus on herself

she's happy that you're floating with

her and she hasn't recoiled when you've

told her you plan to stay single that's

that's the best green flag of all green

flags when it comes to trying to find a

woman who's open to a friends with

benefits to our relationship thirdly how

do you actually establish a friends with

benefits style relationship you know

it's one thing to find a woman who's

probably open to it but how do you

negotiate it because I know a lot of

guys they think well do we need to have

a whole conversation about it do we do I

need to talk to her and say you know hey

I want to have a friends with benefits

relationship are you open the casual sex

with me nothing no relationship down the

line is that good with you that can be

very women like subtlety on the whole

especially around sex they like the the

slight ambiguity they want to know where

they're at but they also like that to be

subtle us it's just it's pretty much

around sex subtleness pays off really

well I like to make clear where I'm at

but be subtle about it and that's why

having this conversation I love being

single is a fantastic faster because if

you've had that conversation and then

you begin to like escalate things

physically with her then at this point

she knows she knows that you don't want

a relationship because you told her she

knows the score and so if things start

to get physical between you from there

she'll give you your number she'll ask

physically escalate with you that night

if she will go on a date like give you

her number still and go on a date with

you even though she knows that you don't

want a relationship that's perfect but

you see on top of this the big mistake

that guys make there's two mistakes that

guys tend to make here one is they try

to go too fast so guys will say don't go

I hate being I want to be single I like

being single and then the woman starts

to escalate with them and they pushing

the pushing the push super faster trying

to get sex and when she pushes him back

and says no this is too fast he thinks

oh I guess she's not open to friends

with benefits

whereas actually no you gotta understand

friends with benefits is not one-night

stand friends with benefits means she

wants to find a guy she actually

genuinely likes that she can have

regular sex with not a random guy who

she barely knows who's going to jump

into the sack with it's different so

they can go way too quickly and then

they think when she doesn't want to go

that quickly that they've done something

wrongly actually they haven't

necessarily I find that most of my

really successful friends with benefits

relationship don't start with sex on the

first date they start with sex soon but

on the first date

the second mistake guys make and of

course this is the obvious one is they

wait way too long to have sex with them

right so they go hey you know I love

being single and they go to one two

three or four or five dates and

nothing's happening that's also really

bad you can't do that because are you

gonna get friend-zoned or you're gonna

start to be seen as long-term boyfriend

material which is another thing of

course that you don't want to do so

really what you should be aiming for if

you're establishing a friends with

benefits star relationship I usually say

aim to have sex together on the second

and absolutely latest third date that's

going to be your sweet spot any longer

than that and you're gonna start to run

into troubles the next item is how to

maintain those friends-with-benefits

relationships because I know there's so

they can be so complicated because it's

so often a woman will start to want a

relationship she'll start to make

relationship noises she'll starts to

kind of push you for something she'll

get attached you'll get needy all this

the kind of thing will happen now

obviously this is a complicated issue I

mean you are dealing with complicated

human human emotions in some ways you

could argue the clock is ticking against

you because when every time you're

intimate with someone men and women

release released bonding hormones so

women release oxy oxy go don't hurt

oxytocin that Bond's them to a guy she

see with men release vasopressin which

bonds them to the women and so yes the

more from you sleep with just the one

person more likely you want to get

attached so there is always that kind of

ticking clock idea that most people are

you friends with benefits of style

relationships have a lifespan and

limited lifespan but you can prolong

that a lot and one of my best pieces of

advice here for guys is rather than

saying to her because this is a mistake

I see guys doing is they constantly

talked to her about other women they're

shagging and that's a turn-off if you do

that you're gonna lose her she's gonna

lose interest because part of sexual

excitement for women men and women but

especially women is feeling like they

are at that moment the center of his

universe right you are the only woman

I've got eyes for right

that's why of course you don't go on a

date and check out other women you don't

go on a date and talk about how hot this

other chick was that you wouldn't date

with you've got to make her feel special

when she feels uniquely special unique

and sexy to you that's when she feels

turned on and so by doing that you're

turning her off but you still didn't

make clear to her that that's happening

how do you do that so the strategy that

I highly advise guys do is you need to

start promoting her pushing her to be

seeing other guys so when you talk to

her when you're meeting at catching up

with her regularly and you're saying

cool have you been on interest to any

interesting dates lately right or you

know hey I saw you talking with that guy

he looked like he was a pretty

good-looking guy did you have any luck

there when I started to promote and push

her to be doing these things what I'm

communicating is that I expect her to be

doing these things and when I expect her

to be doing these things she understands

that I'm also expecting myself to do

these things that this is the

relationship we have without me having

to lay down the law and say hey don't

forget we're not serious don't forget

we're not monogamous I'm not doing it

I'm not shattering the the playful

little world we've created what I'm

doing though is I am still making clear

by pushing her to see other guys

reminding her that's where we're at and

I found that to be really really

effective it doesn't break the mood it

doesn't ruin anything it can be a little

bit playful and fun at the same time

it's reminding her hey don't get too

attached to this guy so that's my

strategy for that problem now again as

always it can really help to understand

what your personality is because when it

comes to friends-with-benefits

relationships you really want to like

the woman so you want to find women

whose personalities match yours what I

highly recommend you do right now is

check out my free online personality

profile test where I look at sixteen

different aspects of your personality

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check that out right now it's totally

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rest guys have you had any luck with

friends-with-benefits style

relationships do you disagree do you

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