3 Tricks To Make First Dates Less Awkward

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hello everyone this is Matthew Hussey

from love life today we are talking

about three secrets to making a first

date less awkward so we all know that

first dates they're primed to be awkward

it's we go out with a person that we've

probably never seen before or maybe I

mean these days a lot of the time we

haven't ever seen them before we're

meeting them for the first time since we

met them online or through social media

and for others they may have met him for

5-10 minutes at a bar and now this is

their first official date with the guy

it's something that has the ability to

be extremely awkward so we have to now

get ourselves in a mode where we say

okay how do I make this whole process

smoother I have three quick ways for you

to do this the first one is touch early

and often now what most people do the

mistake they make is they say I don't

know this person very well and I

certainly don't want to seem too keen so

I'm not going to get very tactile with

this person in the beginning I'm going

to just let us warm up through the date

the problem with that is the longer you

leave it before introducing touch the

more awkward touch becomes so now I mean

for a guy the most painstaking horrible

scenario is when you've barely touched

the woman throughout the entire day and

then at the end you want to kiss her so

now what seems what what really is a few

centimeters seems like a mountain to


because leaning in to kiss that person

who you haven't even touched yet is like

going from 0 mile an hour to 60 so touch

allows us to create these levels which

make a smoother transition between each

stage you as a woman have a power to do

this if you initially see him and you

give him a big hug I mean look the guy

came out to see you you're both together

it's a great is a great moment that you

both showed up for each other give him a

hug give him a kiss on the cheek if you

want it's absolutely fine it doesn't

come across as desperate you just look

like a woman who's warm same goes for

you guys if the woman looks a little

uncomfortable don't be afraid to lean in

and give a hug it doesn't have to be

suggestive it's just a way to introduce

physical contact you can also do this

throughout the date by rest in your hand

on his shoulder when you make a point or

touching him very briefly if you're

trying to wake him up from a little

moment of you both being distracted

those little touches are crucial when it

comes to building that connection the

second thing is don't sit opposite each

other so don't be in that place where

you go for a meal or even when you're at

a table at a bar and you sit completely

opposite each other facing each other

like it's a mirror reflection

immediately you end up creating

awkwardness because of course when

there's a silence there's nowhere for

you to look when someone's directly in

front of you and there's a silence you

can't look anywhere in order to actually

create this moment of why I'm distracted

you can look at your phone but then that

seems rude you can't look over his

shoulder or to your left

whereas if you're sitting either

adjacent to someone or next to them in

like a park bench style you're a lat you

can watch the world together it's almost

like you're people watching so now when

there's an awkward silence it's not

actually awkward it's just a silence

because you're both looking out onto the

world when you're ready to regain the

conversation you can turn to your side

and say oh I really wanted to tell you

about this thing and carry on so do not

ever be in that place where your

opposite each other sit next to him or

adjacent to him lastly do something that

involves you actually having some level

of external focus and I'm going to say

this bluntly the worse you are at

conversation the more external focus you

need so if you're amazing at

conversation you can take someone into

the corner of a quiet bar and you can

talk all night and create this amazing

connection through your conversation if

you're someone who's a little more

nervous and you know that it takes you a

little while to warm up you have to do

something with there's external activity

now that might be something on the more

extreme end of say a museum where

there's tons of external activity or a

comedy show where you're both focused on

something outside of yourselves but on

the more subtle end it could just be

taking a walk if you know that there's a

great river near where you are

go walk along the embankment of that

River that's a great thing to do because

you know there is external stimuli

outside of you that you can look at or

see even sitting down you can achieve

this if you were sitting on a busy park


people watching and there was all this

activity around you it allows you to

comment on things outside of yourselves

as opposed to having the sole focus be

on the two of you and the conversation

you're having so touch early and often

don't sit opposite the guy sitting next

to him or adjacent and create external

activity or put yourself in an area

where there is external activity so that

you're not just focused on each other

those are quick ways to create less

awkwardness on a date I look forward to

hearing your results let me know how you

get on on your first date using these

tips you can either come to how to get

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take care my friends I will see you soon

enjoy that first date