Getting full marks for comprehension

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the following lesson is linked to

learning outcome to reading and viewing

its addresses the assessment standard

that requires learners to demonstrate

various reading and viewing strategies

for comprehension and appreciation

learners should be able to read or view

according to purpose and task

hi in this series of lessons we've been

focusing on reading passages in order to

comprehend or understand them this is a

valuable reading skill that you will use

throughout your entire life but in the

English class you'll have to show your

comprehension by answering questions in

writing it's no good just understanding

the passage what's also important is

answering the questions well so that you

get the marks that you deserve that's

why in this lesson we're going to focus

on answering comprehension questions so

that you get the best possible marks by

the end of this lesson you should be

able to identify different types of

comprehension questions approach a

comprehension exercise with confidence

and answer questions more effectively in

this lesson we'll begin by going through

some steps you can follow to approach a

comprehension exercise and then we'll

learn how to answer questions a very

important point to remember when given a

passage for comprehension is to prepare

carefully this is far more important

than picking up your pen and rushing to

answer but the first step for

approaching a comprehension exercise is

to get the gist of the passage in the

earlier lessons we learned how to get a

general idea of a passage by doing what

we called a survey let's remind

ourselves what to look for firstly when

surveying a text we must consider the

source of the passage and look at the

title or heading to get an idea of what

the passage is likely to be about we

should also take note of any pictures or

captions information that is in bold

type and graphs and charts to get more

clues about the passage then we learned

how to skim through the passage quickly

looking for the topic sentence or main

idea in each paragraph surveying a text

like this should give you the gist or

general idea of what each paragraph is

about so you'll know quite a lot about

the passage before you even start

doing it the next step in approaching a

comprehension is to skim through the

questions it's best to read through the

questions at the stage as it will guide

your reading of the passage if you know

what's in the questions you know what to

look out for when you are reading now

that you know specifically what you're

looking for you're ready for the next

step which is to take a pencil and

underline key words in both the passage

and the questions this is important for

when we get to the next stage of

answering questions I'll explain why

when we get there

and now for our next step read the

passage carefully as you read remember

the questions and make pencil marks in

the margin if you recognize anything

which was asked in the questions if you

have time it's always a good idea to go

back and read the passage a second time

especially if you did not understand it

well the first time

now that you have familiarized yourself

with both the passage and the questions

it is time for step 5

actually answering the questions well

here's a helpful hint the answers to the

questions can usually be found one after

the next in the one passage so the

answer to question three is likely to be

found between where you find the answers

to question two and four if you keep

this in mind it will help you to work

out which paragraph you are likely to

find which answer in now that we know

how to approach a comprehension let's

think about how to go about answering

the questions remember that I said that

you should underline the key words in

all the questions the reason why this is

a good idea is that it will make it

easier for you to focus on the important

points and will ensure that you answer

all parts of the question look at this


why is children's education so costly

list three things that parents have to

budget for here you would have to

underline why children and costly then

you'd have to underline three things

parents as well as budget

when you come to answer this question

you'll know that you're looking for

something about children's education and

things parents have to budget for the

underlining will also remind you that

there are two parts to this question so

you will have to be sure to answer the

whole question here is the next tip use

your own words it is essential that you

answer the questions using your own

words do not copy chunks from the

passage unless you are asked to quote

rather show that you understand by

putting the answers into your own words

here is another tip in answering each

question look at the mark and location

for that question the mark and location

is always a guide of how much

information is required in your answer

you don't want to waste time giving

steps of information for a one mark

question but at the same time giving

only one sentence won't include enough

info to answer five mark question and

now for the final point to remember

check your answers if you have time

reread each question and answer to check

that you're sure that your answer is as

complete as possible at this point it is

also useful to check for grammatical

errors and to ensure that your spelling

and punctuation is correct here's the

list of the tips again before we move on

with the lesson

underline key words in the question use

your own words check the market location

check your answers that was the general

approach now I want to look at answering

questions in greater detail in

comprehension it's always best to answer

in full sentences unless it is quite

obvious that only one word is required

the next thing is to provide what the

question once if the question asks for

example for a true or false answer and

it tells you to quote to prove your

answer make sure that you do this and

that you answer all the parts required

while we are talking about quotes

remember that any phrases or sentences

quoted directly from the passage must be

placed in inverted commas another tip

for keeping yourself focused on answer

is to use keywords from the question

including keywords from the question in

your answer will show that you have

understood what you're required to give

it also helps your marker or readers

stay focused my final piece of advice is

to write neatly if your teacher doesn't

have to strain her eyes to see what you

have written it will be easy for her to

find the right information in your

answers to see how good you are

answering questions it is time for

today's task

here are two multiple-choice questions

choose the correct answer when answering

comprehension questions it is a good to

copy large chunks from the passage be

good to put answers into your own words

which of the following statements is

correct a comprehension questions can

only ask facts from the passage B

comprehension questions can require you

to understand what is implied

comprehensions are one of the most

common forms of testing in English so if

you can get the hang of the skill you're

bound to improve your marks in English

and also in other subjects the technique

of answering questions is important to

develop and will help improve your marks

overall it is no good having the

knowledge in your head if you cannot get

it down onto paper well that's all from

me till next time goodbye