How To Approach A Dog Correctly! What To Do When Meeting Dogs.

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hey guys today I want to go over

something that is really important and

that's the right way the wrong way as

well to approach a dog and this can be

for you guys approaching a new dog but

also for teaching other people how to

approach your dog correctly a lot of the

times you know things like jumping for

example your dog jumping on people yeah

we want to train the dog not to jump

there's ways to do that

but the reaction of the human

approaching the dog can often be a

deciding factor in whether the dog jumps

or not kind of by our human's body

language you know energy level the way

we talk to the dog so I have some

examples here some pictures of myself

and my dog and I want to go over them

with you guys so you can see some wrong

ways and bright ways to approach dogs

alright so let start with the wrong ways

and a lot of these are very common right

here's the first one and here's a way

that I see a lot of people going to

approach the new dog alright take a look

at this and what do you notice kind of

look at my body language what would you

think is wrong alright number 1 I'm

within my body I'm leaning over the dog

alright this is very threatening when

you're leaning over a dog especially a

small dog alright if it's you have a

tiny little dog down here then you

really have to lean over them leaning

over a dog is very threatening okay

number two my hands I'm reaching over

the dog's head alright when you reach

your hands over dog's head they can't

see where your hands are going and that

can get them nervous

they'll put their head back to try to

see when their head goes back their

teeth show just naturally because their

head goes back their mouth opens and

away the dog is going to bite you this

position alright bending over a dog

reaching over over their body here this

is not this is a very bad way to meet a

dog alright number two all right again

another bad way

body language again look what I'm doing

I'm leaning over right now this is my

dog I purposely used him because I know

he'll tolerate me doing this but if you

were to do if I were to do this to a

strangers dog all right number one my

body language is saying you know I'm

threatening you number two I contact

okay I'm making direct eye contact and

if this was a new dog that would be a

huge mistake I contact is a very

threatening thing in dog world just dog

to dog they know what eye contact me so

when a human meets a dog for the first

time and you make direct eye contact big


all right that's number two number you

know two thing I'm doing wrong number

one I'm leaning over number two I

contact number three I'm in the dog's

face all right look how close I am this

is very uncomfortable for the dog and

it's very easy for the dog to just you

know jump up and bite me if you wanted

to if he was getting nervous or afraid

all right

and the last thing I'm doing wrong is my

hands right I'm holding the dog's head

again that's another thing that is very

threatening me into dogs right so by my

body language here when I'm leaning over

my you know direct eye contact how close

I am to the dog's face this dog were to

bite me just based on this picture he

would be a hundred percent right to

because I'm doing everything wrong okay

next picture so now I'm standing up

straight which is correct that's what

you want to do when you need a new dog

but look at my hands I'm holding my

hands up and this is a very common

position I see a lot of people do they

meet a new dog and they're kind of

nervous so they hold their hands above

the dog look at my dog's face and it's

kind of hard to see but he's interested

and he's interested because he thinks I

have something when you stand and a dog

comes up to you and you put your you

know hands up and close your fists the

dog thinks you have something and this

is a great way to encourage them to jump


so other than my hands being up in

closed fists and eye contact

to see here but I was making direct eye

contact everything else is okay right so

meeting the dog don't put your hands up

don't make fists because they think

you'll have something and they're going

to be much more prone to jump okay last

one here's another common you know way

people meet dogs and it's the wrong way

right again look at my body language I'm

leaning over the dog hands going over

the dog and this is kind of what I was

trying to say in the first picture you

can see my dogs trying to see where my

hands going he can't because it's going

over his head so what happens his head

goes back as his head goes back mouth

opens let's go back and his teeth start

to show and that can look very

threatening to people it can look like

the dogs getting ready to bite dog can

also be prone to jump this way because

again you reaching your hand over he

might jump up to see it so let me go

through these pictures one more time

these four bad ones then I'm going to

show you guys good good ones

alright so number one leaning over the

dog both hands going over the dog bad

again leaning towards the dog right in

the Ducks face grabbing the dog's face

direct eye contact bad holding your

hands up above the dog closed fist I

contact bad reaching over the dog's head

leaning over bad alright so if you do

any of those things

time to stop if we are noticing any of

our friends or family members do those

things to our dog time to teach them the

correct way alright so number one take a

look okay this is the proper way to meet

a new dog I'm standing up straight my

hands are down in front of me so there's

no in there open the dog can see I have

nothing I'm not leaning over the dog and

I'm avoiding eye contact and the most

important thing is I'm letting the dog

come to me

right my dog walks over or let's say

this is a new dog he walks over he has

the chance to smell to check me out and

if he wants to stay near me he can and

if not he can walk away

I'm not holding on to him I'm not

forcing him to interact with me I'm

letting him approach me at his own pace

okay body language is important though I

stand up nice and tall

I avoid eye contact hand straight down

in front of me and hands open so the dog

doesn't think I have anything position

like this then I'm calmest as I know

it's a picture it's hard to see but I'm

calm I'm not talking to the dog getting

it excited I'm relaxed position like

this the dog is you know very unlikely

to jump on you he's going to just come

over smell you and he wants more

attention he'll hang out around you if

not he's going to walk away all right

this is a big dog you know to rot while

he's over 100 pounds so an immediate is

the best way to do it small dogs it can

be a little bit harder because if I'm

standing up you know straight and a

small dog is down here they can't smell

my hands a little bit harder so in that

case what we do is this position okay

you can go down with both knees or I

just crouch down on one but but very

similar ok my body straight I'm avoiding

eye contact sorry it's a little hard to

see they're too little it came out a

little bit blurry at the top but I'm

waiting I contact my body straight I'm

not leaning over him again my hands are

open and low the doc and check it out

and can smell me I can see I don't have

anything and again I'm not forcing him

into anything

I'm not holding onto the dog I'm not

payment I'm not even touching them I'm

letting him decide if do I want to keep

smelling this guy and check them out or

do I want to walk away alright and you

can do this too with big dogs but this

is this position works better for for

smaller dogs all right sometimes what

can happen is if you are approaching a

big dog or sorry letting a big dog

approach you and instead of being you

know standing up nice and tall you're in

this position this can get the dog

sometimes more excited as well and for a

big dog they might be prone to to jump

on you

because I think you're going down to the

level to play but when you're in this

position with a dog you know only this

tall it's it's not really an invitation

to play because again you know

proportion-wise you're still towering

over this tiny little dog alright

so proper way to meet a dog okay really

really important keep those things in

mind this is going to help to keep you

safe when you know you're out meeting

new dogs this is going to help to keep

people who are meeting your dog safe

alright anyone with children this is one

of the first things I would teach your

children the proper way to approach a

dog alright number one ask is your dog

friendly can I say hi and if the person

says yes the position I'm in here if

it's a big dog or small dog the position

I'm in here this is how we approach dogs

okay we don't approach like this or like

this like that

or like this alright that's not what we

want to do I have a little PDF file that

you can view as well just as a little

you know reminder and if you want to

review that and have that printed out

it's a really really easy thing to do

otherwise just keep these things in mind

guys and this way we will make sure that

you know as we're having our dogs meet

new people and you know who we meet new

dogs ourselves we keep everybody safe

plan you know go to a big dog you'll

notice that big dogs will start

correctly the adult dogs rather will

start correcting the puppy they'll be

playing will be playing all