A Lesson in Aggression | Dog Whisperer

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for the next step in Troy's

rehabilitation Cesar asks the Adler's to

participate in a dog obedience class at

a Los Angeles Park Cesar's longtime

friend and colleague OJ nitin teaches

the class

now he this is better

we often say look for a profession or

they help you to go in the right

direction see here if your dog is

aggressive they don't tell you to go

away they tell you how to get rid of the

aggression or how to redirect the

aggression that's what we need as a

society you know somebody they show us

how to do it

Oh J a dog trainer in behavior expert

for 20 years currently works with more

than 300 people who are enrolled in his

classes leave it up boy

I believe in focus focus it's a way for

the dog to watch me if he's watching me

he trusts me so I show him what I want

so now he said what what do you want I

have complete attention then if there

are distraction around whether it be

noise another dog a person running down

the street he's still looking from me

for a come in places like this gives you

access to see ok what is my role model

German Shepherd woman yes all right so

that's the picture that's good to have

you know at home and to keep it in mind

I want to walk him and doggie together

there you go this is a guy that I was

telling you about hello hi Troy

first thing I want to do is make it a

positive introduction to me okay hey boy

good and that was positive hi

good he has to trust us

Oh Jay decides to determine the level of

Troy's dog aggression Tom get bullet

Lamar I need you to bring PJ what I do

what a dog aggressive dog is been

introduced into dogs that are under

control the dog is never gonna trust you

if all the other dogs aren't at control

let me have no red tug if I have a big

tub good take him out take him out I'm

taking him out because he's giving me a

little bit more contact other dogs they

challenge each others with their eyes

and I want this dog to definitely trust

me so I'm gonna remove that situation

that's the good thing to know about

trainers is they know when to remove an

energy that it's not going to help you

and when to bring an energy that is

gonna help you everybody here is here to

help even by moving away they can help

you sure he wants to play but he just

don't know how to play Tom the loool he

was redirecting him with food it worked

so now he's trying to find out if a toy

can also work so those become your two

tools and you can use for obedience

purpose but the most part too is your

energy so now getting a doll focus gets

more prey this is definitely a brought

more predator side of him Oh Jay uses a

device called a flirt Pole with an

attached chamois to try and determine

the intensity of Troy's prey Drive

you see the focus I've created


so now I got somebody like now I can

challenge that energy what is good this

dog has prey Drive mm-hmm so I can get

him focus and not worry about the dog


it's getting close instead of dogs dogs

are like that we can only do one thing

at a time say he found what you know

what tickles him I guess you gotta give

us that toy okay