How To Approach a Guy FIRST and NOT Look Thirsty!!! | Brittany Daniel

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welcome to my channel I am Brittany de

Michael by Brittany the host I am in a

different setup because I am a mental

answer let's all different in the

background next slide but I want to come

to life today because I have a very

interesting video could be a little

controversial but it's worked for me and

I did get a boyfriend because of this so

if you are interested in how to approach

a guy without looking thirsty then stay

tuned okay and I'm going to put out a

disclaimer this works most often with

guys that you don't already know

another thing is be prepared for him not

to be interested just in case like you

want to have confidence but at the same

time if he does reject you or turn you

down it is okay precious of all walk

away and go have a good time with your

friends like you learn no harm no foul

and also remember at the end of the day

you have the upper hand because you're a

woman you can literally walk outside and

say who wants the date me and a million

men would raise their hand so don't fear

rejection your woman you can always find

somebody pewters better you always have

options first tip I have is buy out the

one you want when you're out the clubs

are out the bar and you seem like okay

bottom check out who's with him and pee

with a group of sky or the group and are

mingled with girls

if you enter mingle with girls you don't

want to make the mistake of maybe going

up to somebody with a girlfriend or

maybe are in an intimate situation so I

kind of stay clear from those and senses

and make sure that I'm looking for the

guy that has guys nice or somewhere this

by themselves is very rare than a man

will go out by himself but that's the

kind of scenario to choose one so being

mindful like watch the surrounding who

is he with if you by himself if he not

by himself like look out for those also

you want to look at his ring finger does

he have a ring on is there a random mark

you want to make sure that this person

is at least as single to your site as


he's wearing a wedding ring work we had

a ring mark on your hand

leave him alone and for the first thing

bought the one you want the second tip

is try to make eye contact as much as

possible and I'm not talking about

they're not talking about being crazy

but you know a little flirty look you

know you look again you want to spend as

many signals as you can you know little

flirtatious but you don't want to stare

you don't want look creepy you don't

want to look that Brady don't wanna

Salkin you just give subtle hints and if

you get nothing in return like if you

don't get to stare back if you don't get

the slight smile back if you don't get

anything then don't worry about it move

on and keep wish other thing is don't

bite your lips like don't you don't want

to exclude six you want to a boost

confidence you want to a food like I'm

interested but you don't want to do

anything like

anything that's overtly sexy cause you

might get the wrong signal if you want a

boyfriend if you want something


you don't want to just spend out sex and

then you might get the wrong idea that's

all she wants to do is link with me so

let me go sleep there you don't want to

do this giving us bikes Mouse's

interested but you come get you not I

mean like you just want to give a slight

smile or something - you'd and confident

you know but you don't want to OTE don't

open okay so for whatever reason you

can't get is attention or he's with his

always or anything like this this is a

very bold move I've done it it works

thank you do is you walk up them very

confident very you know very gracious

and you stick out your hand and you

introduce yourself you say hi my name is

I think you're very handsome do you have

a girlfriend

I normally say do you have a girlfriend

because if you have a girlfriend that

kind of covers your basis of having a

wife but nowadays sometimes you have to

ask and can be so involved but whatever

way you want to learn it you have a

girlfriend is most likely my preference

and you wait for his response

most guys will shake your hand back and

say hi nice to meet you or they'll smile

as I get jittery there's a lot of guys

aren't used to women come up to them in

such a bold way so at this moment when

your hand is in Japan you can say one or

two things if I do have a girlfriend

which have been okay you just say oh

well the line and you turn around with

your hair and walk away

I mean don't literally like flip your

hair and make a scene but you know you

still cute right oh that's too bad you

walk away with Grace and class and

Victini don't talk about it well Clara

keep your compass so in most cases what

he'll say is no I don't and thank you or

he'll smile and you'll ask in your name

or he'll say his name in return some men

will offer you a drink or light

conversation whatever which way it goes

the next step is to always exit now mind

you just because you've made the first

move doesn't mean that you want to stay

and leave

what you want to do is give them the

opportunity to be a man and chase you a

little bit so even after you have a

drink and you have a little chitchat

maybe five minutes you tell him like

sweet uncle my girls are over there if

you want to chat a little later or if

you want to find me I'll be over there

within like let him know where you're

going to be and then go doesn't matter

how good the conversation is doesn't

matter how into him you are or how into

him he isn't you you want to leave that

space so he can either chat with his

boys you know they can give them props

for a beautiful woman coming up to him

you know what he wants to think about it

whatever the case may be you want to

make sure to give in that room to come

after you don't volunteer your number

don't talk so much volunteer your number

and then go your separate ways you want

him to come back wanting to allure you

and more drinks become and all those

things so by creating us space without

solidifying the number or anything like


is very crucial to he's getting his

attention I'm a thing that happens when

you give them number two soon you kind

of shut the door for you guys to

communicate later on during the night

and it kind of allows him to like get

your number and move on and keep hunting

if that makes any sense you want to

rework and we want us to only think of

you want him to be around you so leaving

after a few moments really really really

really is crucial now if he's about

something he will offer you a drink or

he'll either come back to you and if he

doesn't then that kind of really shows

you where his interest live and that's

okay if you do that give him in faith he

never purchase you again from the get-go

the nice all right

just know that okay because wasn't that

interested it cool but at least you made

that sense to be anyone after what you

wanted and that's the whole point in the

matter so what ended up happening to me

I lit up and I introduced myself to the

guy a shake his hand I did all this been

he offered me injury I took it we

chatted for a little bit and I said you

know I'm going to go back over there

with my friend

and that's where I'll be if you want me

guess what he migrated he uprooted his

friends and his whole group over to my

friends group they introduced themselves

to the guys and all that and the other

girls that were there and we had a ball

for the rest of the night that's kind of

the placement and what you want to do

within the cabinet Egon visited me and

we became boyfriend and girlfriend so

this can spark up a relationship don't

be scared to make the first move just

remember don't be Thursday don't linger

you know allow him to still chase you in

a sense but you did make the first step

in the first move and that's totally

okay and you guys so much for watching

if you thought this video was helpful

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leave them below don't forget to share

this video with a girlfriend who may

need a little confidence or to show her

that girl it's okay to go after what you

want it is okay it's okay good luck on

that use here they'd be too scared to

come to us but and we gotta kind of like

nudge them up a little bit like combo

thanks but thank you guys so much for

watching I'll see you guys next time bye