How To Attract A Guy At The Gym: From Matthew Hussey, GetTheGuy

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hi I'm Matthew Hussey from get the guy

how do you attract a guy at the gym well

most people when they get to the gym

they get into that standard routine of

sticking in their headphones jumping on

the treadmill and running and they

wonder why they never socialize or meet

anyone we're going to change that so I'm

going to give you four steps to

attracting a guy in the gym now the

first step is you can find something

situational that you can comment on

maybe it's a particular routine that you

want to know about maybe it's you

comment on the music and how you really

hate the music that they play in the gym

find something situational that in that

moment you can just strike up a

conversation with second thing is ask

him if you can get his help with

something and if you ask a guy at the

gym can I get your help with something

it's already quite a testosterone filled

environment guys like feeling like guys

in the gym so if you as a woman ask can

I get your help with something most guys

will go anything because they want to be

that knight in shining armor it doesn't

matter if it's helping you with a

routine helping you carry something just

asking can I help get your help with

something is really going to help you

get started third join a class that

isn't legs buns and tongues or some

other female-oriented class join a

kickboxing class or something where you

can actually meet more guys if you bring

guys into your peer group in that way

even if you don't like any of the guys

in that class it's likely that you're

gonna meet other guys through them so

you're just gonna get more men in your

social circle

it can't hurt and lastly make friends

with the trainers at the gym why is this

because trainers know everyone they know

the clients it's their job to be

sociable with everyone else so if the

trainer either knows you're single or in

a more subtle way just knows that you're

a sociable fun person they're gonna

start introducing you to other people if

you start talking to the trainer at the

gym and someone else some other guy that

he knows walks past

the trainer's going to say hi and you'll

get a chance to say hi as well as

trainers are like hubs you can use them

to meet lots of other people do those

four things

guarantee even if you don't meet the guy

of your dreams at the gym you're going

to meet a plenty more guys and they're

going to be able to introduce you to

more guys so it's going to be much more

effective take care for more information

go to get the guide on code at UK and I

will see you soon see you later