This Is the Right Way to Approach Customers!

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he's ready to go he has his credit card in his hand, but you need to help him out

you need to make sure there's nothing on his way

there's no one right way to approach your customers, a lot of the most

experienced support teams they know this, and even when they have a script they

will try to figure out what are the actual needs they will listen to the

different tones, personalities, attitudes in order to provide the right help. Today

we want to look at it in a sales perspective, so how can we place these

different customers into different stages of your sales funnel, that way is

better for you and easier for you and your team to help your customer from

point A all the way to point B and close the deal. This is Success.

OK, first, the potential Paul this is a potential customer, it's not a lead yet however

he found your company, he looked in the internet and he found your page.

He probably knows your pricing and he wants to be convinced. This is the one

you want to spend a little extra time with, so nurture the lead warm it up for

him to be convinced and make the right choice, show them all the benefits that

your product has in order for him to make the step from A to B.

next is the new Neil or this is your new customer this is the guy who paid for your

services already and he's ready to go. He can't wait to take advantage of your

product, but he needs help so you gonna do a proper onboarding

process with him, you're gonna hold his hand and show them everything that

he can do with your product. Make sure you also leave an open option for him to

contact you. Show them that you care and that you really want them to succeed through your product.

Next, you have your impulsive customer or impulsive Iggy

this is my favorite because there's no much you need to do to convince him, he's

ready to go he has his credit card in his hand but you need to help him out.

You need to make sure there's nothing on his way, you need to make sure is fast

quick, checkout and he's done. So make sure that you know the process so well

that you can take impulsive Iggy all the way to the checkout very fast.

We also have a very common one the discount customer or we call him discount Dan he

doesn't care about how much you offer or how many benefits your product has

he just wants that discount, he wants to pay less. And you probably can help him out with that

you probably have discount codes that you can offer, however, you are risking to

lose them after a few months after your discount runs out so make sure you pump

it up, give him some extra value. Make sure he knows that even when his discount is

over you're gonna be there to help him out to succeed with whatever else

he wants to do. okay and last but not least is your loyal customer or Loyal Larry

You need to take care of Larry because he's gonna spread the word, he's gonna

tell all of his friends that your product is the best. So make sure you

help Larry out. What can you do? make Larry a case study, make sure you

put Larry in your social media. Larry's gonna spread that word all over the place and

people's gonna start loving your product even more.

so as you can see, there are many kind of different customers there are customers that that just come

here and check what you're offering or people who's ready to buy the product is

your job to identify how can you provide the best help you can. Think about it for

yourself, that's a great exercise, what kind of customer you are?

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