How To Approach Potential Clients – Client Relationship Building Skills & Effective Sales Calls

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so I have a slightly different opinion

than most business coaches and sales

coaches will tell you about how to

create a sales conversation in a way

that feels good to you and the person

you're speaking with and maximizes your

chances of getting new clients and the

reason for that is let me take you a bit

back and share my very first sales call

experience this was when I was starting

my first online business at the time in

digital advertising because that's what

my skills of my job were at the time and

I had helped this woman by I found her

randomly online in a Facebook group and

she had been asking questions about

advertising that I could answer so I

messaged her and I said hey I would love

to help you I'm completely new at

starting an online business and this is

what I do in my job so I'm happy to

answer your questions for you in return

just for some market research to see if

this is even a viable idea and so I got

on the phone with her I got the market

research I gave her amazing value and

then after that we just talked back and

forth via email for about two weeks

where she just asked me follow-up

questions and I just gave her a ton of

value because I just wanted to go out

there and first make sure that this was

actually a business that I could build

about two weeks later she messaged she

emailed me and she said hey you've given

me so much incredible value for free I

would love to actually hire you and so I

actually had to say okay wait please

hold on give me a week let me go and

figure out what I can sell cuz I didn't

know what I could sell at the time what

to include in it what to charge and

let's talk in a week and I also by the

way had no sales training so I had no

idea how to do a sales conversation so I

googled you know how to do a sales call

discovery call scribbs everything I

could think of and I finally found one

that was kind of okay so I got on the

phone with her I followed the exact

script I was so nervous I sweat through

my shirt and even though I was really

clunky I wasn't really selling I I

wasn't being smooth or anything

at the end of it she said yes without

hesitation and the reason because and

this is why I wanted to share this it

wasn't so much what I said during the

sales call it wasn't so much that I said

some psychotic psychological voodoo or

that I was so pushy or so good at

handling her objections it was that I

had built a relationship before the

actual call so that she came in primed

and excited to actually work with me so

I wanted to share that with you because

she waits you often you will hear things

from people saying you know just get

someone cold if you do the sales call

well you're gonna make great sales and

yes that that will work for a relatively

small percentage of your audience but

what's gonna work even better and feel

even better to you and the person that

you're speaking with is if you focus

beforehand on creating the right content

the right relationship so that when they

come to the sales call they're excited

they're primed and ready to continue

work to work with you

so keep that in mind it's not that

everything relies on the sales call

which should take a lot of pressure off

however that doesn't mean there's not

room for improvement to increase your

likelihood of making a sale on a sales

call and that's what we're going to go

over today so what I'm going to go over

is not necessarily a script because what

I found over and over is that when I

give a script my students end up just

repeating the script on their call and

it doesn't sound like them it's not

natural they're so focused on following

the script that they don't end up having

a conversation with their the person

that they're speaking with so instead

what I'm gonna walk you through is just

the few main phases of the sales

conversation so that you can sit with it

you can think through it for yourself

come up with language that actually

sounds like you and then be free to have

an actual pleasant conversation with

someone that is much more likely to end

in a sale than you following any script

and not having a conversation and not

sounding like yourself so let's begin

the first part of the conversation is

really taking in into understanding what

did someone reaching out to you what

challenges are

struggling with what's going on with

them and what have they tried that

hasn't worked it doesn't matter what

industry you're in but what you really

need to understand is where that

potential client is coming from and

again this is about having a

conversation you can open it with

something like hey I'd love to hear a

little bit about what's going on with

you what had you reaching out and then

they're gonna tell you what they were

struggling with and then this is the

time for you to really dig in and have

that conversation by asking can you tell

me a little bit more about what happened


why was that so difficult why do you

think it didn't work and just really

understanding all the things they've

gone through and where they are mentally

in terms of thinking if what they want

is even possible for them and what

really had them scheduling a sales

conversation with you so that's the

first piece the second piece that it's

so important for you to understand is

the flip side why do they want to solve

this problem what does it look like once

they have that problem solved

why is it so important to them to have

it solved and on top of that to have it

solved now we all have reasons for why

we want certain things it's not just

because it's because there's often a

very specific goal we have attributed to

that area whether that's finally having

the job that we love so that we can go

back to our parents and say hey look mom

and dad I did it or just being able to

show up the manager who didn't promote

us when we deserve that promotion saying

hey look you didn't appreciate me but

here's someone who does right lots of

little reasons or for a weight loss

maybe it's you just wanna feel good and

look good and look at yourself in a

mirror and think hmm I'm sexy just one

of many many possible reasons I'm just

sharing it to give you an example and so

what you really want to understand is

what's going on with them that what's

what's really driving them to want this

and to want it now because if someone

doesn't want something there is nothing

any other person can say or do to make

them want it so that has to come from an

insight place internally and it's your

job to understand where that is coming

from then once you understand that that

this should be a decent conversation

that's last

good 20 30 minutes these first two

portions so let me just make that clear

this is not just one or two questions

and then you move on and once you really

get a feel for that then it's time to

move on to talk about how your offer

bridges the gap between all the things

that they're struggling with and where

they want to be really mapping out that

picture for them whether that's your

framework and showing them how it's

gonna be customized to them or whether

it's just sharing a little bit more of

the details of white nothing else has

worked but while your framework is going

to work and just really sharing that so

something that I often do is when I help

my students build their own online

businesses to replace their nine-to-five

they'll often come to me having tried a

few things maybe done some posts on

social media maybe taken some courses

and it having not worked so what I'll do

is I'll point out hey it didn't work

because building a business isn't just

about posting on social media it's not

just about doing this one specific thing

that you've learned about in a course

it's about following a comprehensive

system to get all of these things in

place whether that's your offer your

pricing your audience where you're

finding your audience what content

you're sharing with them your delivery

your sales all of that and so all points

out what pieces they've been missing and

really show them how customizing the

pieces of the framework I walk my

clients through is gonna make a massive

difference to them so notice I'm not

trying to be sales II I'm basically just

showing them hey here's why this is

going to help you get what you want

that's really what it's about and then

after that I take a pause and I say hey

so this is how I would help you do you

want to hear more about the investment

and what that would look like right so

I'm making sure that first of all based

on everything I've shared it really

sounds like something that they would

actually be interested in and when they

say yes which most of the time they do

because I've done the work up front like

I talked about earlier of building that

relationship and making sure people who

schedule a sales conversation with me

are actually primed then I and I'm

sharing with them exactly how I'm going

to help them then their interest and

excited to learn more

and so once that happens then I'll share

okay so to do all of this this is what

it looks like here's the investment and

then I'll do another check in with them

so does that feel like a good fit for

you and if it is great then I will take

the payment and we'll schedule our first

call all of that good stuff and and

we'll make it happen

now if it doesn't feel like a good fit

then I do talk through let's talk about

why doesn't feel like a good fit is it

because this program me doesn't seem

like what you're looking for if that's

the case then we can talk through if you

have any doubts or if it absolutely

doesn't feel like a good fit then we can

go ahead and wrap up the conversation

the other big question that comes up is

I don't know about this investment and

so I want to make it clear this is not

about being pushy and I always ask hey

if this is going to affect your ability

to pay your bills and we can wrap up the

conversation now but if not then let's

talk about what's really behind this

fear of this investment because if it's

doable for you and you really want this

like you've been telling me then maybe

it's fear that you won't be able to get

the results or that fear that you're not

gonna be able to follow through and so

we're gonna talk through that but and

then that ends with either okay we've

talked to through resolved it and we can

move forward or no I'm not in a good

place to move forward with the

investment and so we'll wrap it up so

there are a bit a few more specifics

than that of course you can always get

more details with everything but at the

surface level this is all you need to go

out there and start conducting really

powerful and effective sales

conversations and like I said this is

good enough for you to be able to go out

there and focus on finding the right

people building the right relationships

first because that's going to make way

more of a difference then you just

having killer sales skills and finding

someone within 24 hours and just pushing

them or trying to convince them into

having into making a sale right so that

is honestly all you need for now now if

you do want a step-by-step process for

how to find your audience how to get

on your offer what to price yourself and

all of that this exact step-by-step

system I used to build my first ever

online business and replace my income

before I even turned in my notice go

ahead and sign up for the free master

class I have for you that's linked in

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through all of that so that you can take

that use this sales conversation flow

that we just went through on our video

and go out there and get your first or

next paying clients so hopefully you

found this really helpful I'd love to

hear from you in the comments what your

biggest takeaway was and aside from that

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