Starting a Sales Conversation & Cross-Selling

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hey this is Victor Antonio's looking

into my inbox and I got a good one I got

this from Melbourne Australia or

Australia right that comes from first

letter e then give me the first thing

but last name pradyumna i think i got

that right

he played you now writes the policy says

dear Victor I have a serious and big

question for you and what I want is you

to answer this to a video because you've

never really addressed this in any of

your other videos and my question to you

is how do you greet customers and engage

them in a conversation and make a sale

if you know they have exhibited no

interest on your product at first sight

now that's a tough question there's a

lot that this is a loaded question

because there's a lot of stuff in here

so let me read it again how to greet

customers and engage them into a

conversation one and make a sale if they

show no interest exhibited no interest

in your product at first sight let's

talk about the engaged piece when

somebody walks in to your store let's

use a retail store as an example and

I'll start out with my favorite example

which is Starbucks when you walk into

Starbucks they never said you know how

can we help you they always say what can

we get started for you today the

assumption is that you're already they

already know you're in there to buy

coffee duh that's the obvious one right

so they're telling you basically what

can I get you started with today so they

know they assumptive the assumption

there is that you're already gonna buy

coffee so when somebody walks into your

facility again what question could you

ask there's another store that basically

when you walk in and they sell lumber

home tools and things of that nature

they say something like this what

project are you working on today that we

can help you with well isn't that

interesting what product are you working

on what project are you working on that

we can help you with today again the

assumption is that they've come into

that place and they're gonna buy

something because they're working on a

project so maybe one strategy and again

I'd have to know what your product or

service is to really address it directly

but let's assume it's a simple product

they're walking in and the fact that

they've walked into your facility means

they're somewhat interested in your

product already for example if I had

Travel Agency you know somebody walked

in I said where are we going this week

you know what can we help you get

planned that would be my assumption so

one of the things you have to work on is

getting an assumption question right

from the beginning what is that question

for you you will have to determine that

I don't know your business so once you

do that the immediate reaction from the

other person is to give you the

information to tell you what they want

or what they're working on or where

they're going that's what's powerful

about it not a summative question now

let's say that they've walked in and

they're working on project a now you

want to shift them over to project B

this is the second part of your question

which is something they haven't seen yet

or exhibited interest in it well first

of all you need to address product a in

other words they came in for product a

or service a you need to deal with that

one first and then in that conversation

as you're asking questions if you want

to lead them over to product B or

service B then begin to ask questions

that lead them over to this for example

if they're going in there to buy coffee

let's use a Starbuck example right going

in to buy coffee and they just say I

just want a large coffee right something

simple and then you can say by the way

if you just want American coffee or do

you want some of our other blends for

example we have a Columbia Millar blend

we have a Kenyan blend we have several

blends that are really just as good as

this American coffee can I get you to

try one at least now that's one approach

to get me to actually consider something

else see what I mean if I'm walking into

tribal agency and I say wow I'm thinking

of going to China right but I want to

convince them to go to Melbourne


right so once they're there I can ask

them questions about why did you choose

China why China what are some of the

things you want to see what are things

you enjoy about traveling and maybe

something that comes out of there if I

asked the right questions is it's not

only about the site scene and the site

but maybe there are ventures or maybe

they like to go backpacking or hiking

and if they mention hiking and just

different things along that line you say

what do you know China's all a great

location but I'm also gonna mention this

other location I think you may want to

consider which is now born Australia and

if you go onto the outback so forth and

so on here are some of the things you

can also do so if you really like


you know I'd like you to also consider

Melbourne Australia get the idea your

job is to never direct into a product

they don't want your job is to talk to

them about what they came in to talk

about and then find a way to ask the

right questions to expand educate that

on other opportunities or other products

that you have to offer try this let me

know how it works and again be very

respectful nobody wants to come in and

be switched over to something they don't

want or haven't thought about without

first addressing what they came in to

talk about in the first place this is

Victor Antonio hoping this helps and

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