Real Estate Scripts to Help You Close Sellers and Buyers

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hey good morning and happy Wednesday

I've done a couple seminars and a lot of

coaching calls already this week and you

know I I'm inspired by some of the

reports that I'm reading that are

telling us that the market is getting

better you know that price points are

increasing transaction count is up and

then on the flip side of question you

read the next bit of news and it says

you know the world's falling apart and

there's eight billion foreclosures

coming on Tuesday and you know the

world's coming to an end so you know I

don't think that's the issue

to me it's not the issue of is the

market getting better is it getting

worse I think the bigger issue in you

know what I'm talking to people people

like you this is what I'm hearing is you

know we're struggling with every

transaction doesn't matter if

transaction count is up doesn't matter

if price point is up what matters is can

you help that seller in the moment

accept the price and can you have that

buyer in the moment move from I want to

deal you know what I'm talking about

every seller wants more money and can't

sell for less and every buyer doesn't

you know doesn't want to be the one that

over pays but of course we you when you

might be sitting behind 60 offers it's

almost impossible so you know we know

there's that great divide between buyers

and sellers today and I don't have to

tell you you know it because you're

living in it every single day I'm

hearing about it

on every coaching session so I guess the

the thought for you today is what are

the questions you're using to engage

your customers and help move them off

the stick see negotiations is the

ability to find a mutual win-win a

mutual acceptance point between your

buyer between your seller between those

customers so at the end of the day a

transaction is done in the world moves

forward that's really what this is all

about so I want to give you four

questions and you can choose to ask

these four questions in a row which is

what many of my personal clients have

done or you can use these in one-offs

and what they're designed to do is think

of it as a like in sales called a

pattern interrupt you know the sellers

just stuck on I got to get a million 699

or you know whatever the price is and

you know the call

said everything else that's in the

marketplace that property going to sell

for a million 450 and your buyer is

wanting gone for a million 350 you've

got to create some movement with that

seller with that buyer to bridge the gap

so whether you choose to use one of the

questions or all four questions I hope

you take these questions and you really

take them to heart and you use these or

something to begin to get some movement

with those buyers and sellers because

you know what doesn't matter what's

happening in the market what matters is

your skill and your ability to influence

people and create it yes

so here's four questions question number

ones what happens if you do now again

buy sell you know whatever context

you're looking for reduce your price so

keep it contact specific I'll just do it

with buying what happens if you do buy

the house and you got to stop and

explore what happens if you do buy the

house well you know we move in we stop

running you know we finally make a

decision you know we get to close the

deal you know they get completion in

their life and that's what you got to

get them present to what happens if you

do buy the house question number two

what happens if you don't now this is a

pain based question that's going to

elicit the you know the struggle and the

hardship that they're going to continue

to experience if they don't come up on

the price or they don't you know say yes

and move forward so what happens if you

don't and you really need to look them

in the eyes you know this is not an

email that you send this is you know

heart to heart need any negotiation

whatever if you don't buy what are you

going to do then what's your plan B you

know you're going to can hear your rent

are you going to continue looking for

property are you going to continue to go

down this path of writing offer after

offer after offer and not getting what

you want

so question number one what happens if

you do question number two what happens

if you don't question number three what

won't happen if you do what won't happen

if you buy the house now it's a tricky

question but listen to the psychology

what won't happen if you buy the house

see what we're gonna do is we're going

to remove the negative we're getting

them and their mind to process well what

isn't going to happen is I'm not going

to go look at 50 more homes I'm not

gonna have to keep writing all these

crazy offers I'm gonna you know finally

move in and

completion so again you and I both know

remember sales is the ability to ask a

series of questions that naturally and

automatically lead you and the prospect

to a mutually desired end result sales

isn't something you do to someone it's

questions that you ask that caused the

you know the consumer the person the

human being on the other end of the

phone or face-to-face to process through

their questions and get to the yes so

critical question what won't happen if

you do buy the house and then the last

one what won't happen if you don't buy

what won't happen if you don't buy now I

hope you write down those four questions

um you don't just say this to someone

what happens if you do you know what

kind of response you're going to get you

got to internalize these go emotionalize

them you got to make them a part of you

and you got to recognize that you're not

asking these questions to close someone

you're asking these questions to allow

them to process through the issues that

they're experiencing that's stopping

them from moving to reality around price

now I know for many of my customers

usually they're telling me wow those

questions use number one two three use

all four sometimes it's just one we

never know what's going to be the

question that gets that buyer and seller

off the fence so what's the message of

the day it's not the market it's your

skill and your ability to create the yes

so remember always strategy matters and

passion rule