Never Say This To A Customer In Retail Sales

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never say this to customers in retail

sales that's next

welcome back to the summit castle

Channel Derrick van Schaik here we've

all been there we walk into a retail

store a sales associate approaches us

and what do they always ask us you

guessed it how may I help you that how

may I help you line almost never works

the only time that it kind of works is

when someone knows exactly what they

want to buy and they are an extreme rush

for example you walk into a menswear

store the sales associate says how can I

help you and you're like I need a tie

for this meeting in an hour it's like Oh


here are the ties right over here that's

pretty much the only case where how may

I help you is convenient to the customer

here's why how may I help you doesn't

work the customer may not actually need

help she may actually just be looking

the customer may know what she wants but

she doesn't want that added pressure

from a salesperson when making a buying

decision or she doesn't want a

salesperson following her around and

then having to think of a clever way to

ditch him at some point also when sales

associates say how may I help you

they come across as pushy which just

causes her to want to browse very very

quickly and then leave the store you

know if we can get customers to stay in

the store as long as possible by making

them feel as comfortable as possible

that will result in higher sales since

how may I help you doesn't work should

you just ignore your customers when they

walk through the door no the most

effective thing to say to new customers

that walk into your store is something

like this welcome to our store feel free

to browse the store if you need any help

I'll be right over here

my name is Derek this puts your customer

at ease so she doesn't feel like you're

ready to pounce or watching her like a


when your customer feels at ease and is

comfortable in your store they'll stay

in your store longer resulting in more

sales when your customers browsing the

store and she seems to be struggling or

maybe staying on a product for a very

long time it's perfectly fine to make

your way over to your customer and start

to make small talk about the product

that she's looking at which will likely

lead to helping the customer make a good

buying decision you made

asking if how may I help you doesn't

work then why is it so common among

retailers probably because it's easy

it's typical and not many retailers even

think about saying anything else however

saying how may I help you is surely

costing sales to any store that says it

now in the comments what is it about

salespeople that makes customers feel so

uncomfortable let us know in the

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