Steps to Sell a Car Once a Customer Comes Inside

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hey Brian Maxwell here lakeshore

I'll here in Slidell Louisiana lakeshore

Chrysler Jeep and what I want to talk

about I'm doing one of my doing a sales

training class for the UH for the

dealership here and one of the things

this morning that I really wanted to key

on and just ask is what is the very

first thing that you're doing when you

bring a guest into your dealership now

typically what most sales people want to

do they want to bring the person back

and run them to the desk and sit them

down and then start trying to talk about

numbers I talked about that car car car

where the real skill sales professionals

do when they bring a person in the very

first thing that they do and the very

first thing you should do is you should

ask them what they like any coffee water

or whatever type of beverage or

refreshment it is that your dealership

offers let me explain why when we

sitting down with a guest so excuse my

hair when we're sitting down with I

guess we're expecting them to give us

personal information about themselves

about what they're looking for about

where their finances are is where they

think their credit is we ask for a lot

of personal and private information now

under what's called the law of

reciprocity and reciprocity to

reciprocate meaning in order for us to

give we expect to receive and vice versa

so understanding the law of reciprocity

what that means is that every

opportunity you have to give your guests

something as they come in whether it be

offering them a coffee freshmen a

beverage coffee or water as opposed to

saying do you want something to drink

which is a closing question ask him

would you like any coffee water Danish

donut typically the response when we

pulled it out to over 700 customers is

typically I'm fine or I'm okay very

rarely do they say no but you're

offering them some tympani give them

something whether you're giving them a

compliment offering them a beverage

giving them of your ear because if we

expect these people to be willing to

listen to our expertise on why they

should do business with us we have to be

willing to listen to them first

but it all starts by the sales

consultant at the dealership finding a

way that they can be a giver

therefore when it's time for the

customer to give us something there is a

lot easier I highly suggest don't take

what I'm saying is as fact research the

law of reciprocity and how

works in sales every opportunity you

have to give your guests something

that's relevant that's useful even

though there's something simple as a

compliment it really helps tilt the

balance scale their force and when you

ask them to give you something it's a

lot more likely so the very first thing

you should do when you bring a guest

into your dealership isn't to try to sit

them down and start talking about

numbers and vehicles and all that find a

way that you can be a giver if they come

in and they specifically know what

vehicle it is they're interested in give

them a brochure still offer them a

refreshment um ask them questions give

them your ear give them your undivided

attention because that's what we want

for them if you're gonna go out and

you're gonna ask somebody especially on

the lot which is crazy you know what

type of credit you have what a type of

money do you have what are you looking

for we're asking personal private

information they don't know us from a

stranger that they just saw that morning

and here we are asking them all that is

private information and that's where the

ball gets dropped that's why people that

resist it they'll tell us no they don't

have money no they don't want anything

no they don't want to buy anything why

because they don't know you

and due to the popular perception from

the past which is rightfully earned

they're terrified to be honest with you

because they believe you're going to use

it against them

so if they go to ten different

dealerships ten sales people are gonna

walk out to them ask them can I help you

which is ridiculous it's gonna bounce

them around vehicle-to-vehicle trying to

maybe put them on the wrong car

very rarely gives them their name never

invites them inside doesn't give them

anything and then when it's time for

them to receive some from the customer

they wondering why this person is so

standoffish and so hesitant to give them


well you haven't given them a good

reason to think about a relationship if

you give somebody your attention it's a

lot more likely that they'll give it

back if you want somebody to start


you should start cooking if you want

somebody to clean you start doing it

first the more that we give we receive

and there's a popular phrase that's in

one of the most popular books the world

has ever known

and it says it's better to the give to

receive better to give than to receive

that's not just a bumper sticker that is

a formula for success so when you're

bringing your guests into your

dealership be a giver ask them offer

them a beverage would you like coffee or

water or again whatever type of

refreshment you offer at your dealership

find a way to give them a brochure give

them a compliment

give them your

here give them your undivided attention

and I assure you when it's your turn to

ask them to give you something it'll be

a lot easier and a lot more likely that

they will realize something you know as

a sales consultant we they should know

this much about us and we know this much

about them because at the end of the day

it's not about you or I it's all about

them so balance the tilt the scale in

your favor

offer them give them something when they

come in don't just sit them down trying

to do like everybody else which is get

straight to the numbers show them who

you are

show them how you're different than the

other dealerships around the area

because let's face it I don't care what

brand yourself will be Toyota Ford

Mercedes BMW when the manufacturer made

yours the ones at your store in an

effort to make a profit they didn't stop

so there's other dealerships in your

area all the dealerships buying from the

manufacturers for the same price and

guess what they all sell them for about

the same price give or take a couple

hundred dollars up or down so what's the

real difference you in the experience

that we give today's consumers that's

what it's all about that's all about

they make their decision they go to 1.5

dealerships so they're hoping they

landed at the first one but if they

don't get that good warm and fuzzy

feeling they'll go to the second one and

if they don't get it there guess what it

boils down to all about price and when

it becomes all about price as a sales

consultant you lose so make sure you be

a giver find a way look up the law of

reciprocity and another thing I

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