How to Talk to Your Crush (AND Get Her Number!)

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now talking to women for most guys it's

already tough as it is talking to that

girl you like your crush that thing's

impossible but not anymore after today's

videos you suave handsome guys will know

how to talk to any of your crushes and

decrease your chances of actually

getting rejected right number one

preparation first of all if you know you

easily trip up especially in a

conversation you want to go in there

with a game plan something that you can

rely on if the butterflies gets the best

of you and your head starts fogging

another important key of preparation is

how you look this means you're going to

wear your best outfit when you know

you're going to approach your crush that

day and this is going to do two things

for you one like I said it's going to

give you a great first impression when

you first approach that female and two

it's going to give you an instant juice

of confidence and you know what I mean

we all have that one outfit that we just

love wearing that when you throw it on

you feel on top of the world wear that

all right so you got preparation now

step one step two this is the approach

now this one takes your guts out of all

the steps I'm going to give you this is

the hardest one and the one that most

guys can't get past first you want to

set up your mindset so an easy way that

you can put things into perspective is

to think most guys fear rejection

obviously nobody likes getting rejected

but you not even trying basically leaves

you at a 0% chance of ever dating your

crush or getting to know her so that

just at the bat you try you're already

winning another sip I like to give

especially if you're shy or it's you're

going to be your first time you really

like this girl you want to approach her

usually when you two are by themselves

if you approach her with her friends

it's going to make it 10 times harder on

you or you approaching with your friend

it's just going to make her feel

uncomfortable on top of that getting her

while she's by herself also makes

rejection way less awkward

so you see her in the cafeteria just go

up ask if you could sit next to her or

maybe you see her at the party just go

up to her ask her how she thinks the

party's doing and start the conversation

like I said talking to women is all

about confidence if you can get that

you've got the keys my man you want to

know what adds even more confidence

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right so you already have step one the

preparation you have step two the

approach step 3 keeping the conversation

going you've got through the hardest

part but now you're here what do you say

what do you not say to not make a fool

of yourself so I'm going to give you a

couple pointers first keep things simple

and light introduce yourself it doesn't

have to be something extravagant or some

sexy pickup line something as simple as

just saying hello or higher hey you'd be

surprised at how far that's going to get

you especially if you throw in a smile a

second thing especially to get the

conversation going it start asking

open-ended questions for example let's

take the school approach say you're at

school and you see a girl don't go and

ask your something like did you take

mrs. Amy's 10 that's a yes or no

question and the conversation is death

asking something more like what did you

think of Miss Amy's class or what did

you think of that test again this is

going to get her talking which will then

give you leads to keep that conversation

going and finally just a few things you

want to avoid never talk about your ex

don't over compliment her just going to

make her feel weird don't put her on a


don't tell her she reminds you of your

model all right so now we're on step

number 4

you're in the conversation the

conversation is flowing but now you need

to start analyzing the conversation look

at her body language what is it telling

you is she liking it as much as you are

or is she just weird it off trying to

get you to step away if that's the case

just wrap it up say it was a pleasure

talking to you and step out even before

she rejects you that way you've got to

talk to your crush and she didn't even

reject it on the other hand if the body

language is right you see here that

she's liking you and the things are

going we're going to move on to the

final step and the one you boys I've

been waiting for again I won't go into

much of the body language I did a whole

video on that but you can watch right up

here but the final step you see the

positive feedback you got to get her

number get the digit if you see her that

she's reciprocating and flirting back

with you he's gonna want to give you her

phone number so all you have to do with

that and I get it if you are a little

bit shy or don't know it fits just right

leave on a positive note you feel like

you're on a high note leave and leave

her wanting more then when you can do

with the power of social media you could

easily follow her on Instagram or on

snapchat and you can start messaging her

there and that's basically it guys you

follow that fail-proof five step system

you can talk to any of your crushes and

be confident you're not going to make a

fool out of yourself so that's it for me

in this week's video guys if you guys

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