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are you struggling to get recruiters to

connect with you my name is JT O'Donnell

and welcome to coaching moment this is

the youtube series that helps remove the

roadblocks to career success so today I

want to talk to all of you out there

that are struggling to connect with

recruiters at companies that you want to

work at we've seen a lot of comments

lately a lot of hating on recruiters and

I don't think that's a good thing folks

they have a tough job and what I want to

do is put you in the mindset of a

recruiter so that you can understand the

best way to stand out and actually get

them to respond to you so the first

thing that I want you to realize is that

recruiters get solicited all the time

all day long they get lots of connection

requests on LinkedIn lots of unsolicited

emails of people trying to say hey I'm

the perfect person for your job and I

want you to stop right there and think

about that because maybe you're guilty

of this maybe you've sent a note saying

here's why I'm amazing and why you

should check me out now that might sound

great but where did you get that advice

from I want you to turn around imagine

the last time you got sold to buy a

salesperson that was really overbearing

and told you they had the perfect

solution for you I guarantee the

reaction in your head was says who and

that's exactly how recruiters feel when

you sell them and say that you are

perfect for the job their immediate

reaction is says who I'll be the judge

of that and they almost go into more of

a not a negative but a more critical eye

when they're looking at your materials

so you don't want to set that

expectation so my first piece of advice

when reaching out to recruiters is not

to tell them that you are the best

candidate for the job instead what

you're trying to do is open up a

dialogue around the company and what

they look for in an ideal candidate so

something you might send via LinkedIn

would be we've never met but I came

across your profile when looking for

recruiters at XYZ company I'm a big fan

of the organization and I would love to

hear from you what you look for in ideal

candidates for the company see now

you're looking at their expertise you're

asking for their advice around what it

takes to get hired there this is a much

better way to introduce yourself and

make a good first impression which leads

to my second tip when it comes to

reaching out to recruiters

well sometimes you're gonna have to

reach out blindly because you don't know

anyone it is by far better for you to be

introduced to a recruiter at a company

and there's a couple ways you can do

that the easiest way is for you to go

through all your connections and look

and see if you know anybody in your

network that knows this recruiter and

ask for that introduction but another

way to do this is to actually connect

with people who work at the company

first so you might research and find out

that somebody you know just got hired

there or maybe you see somebody that got

hired in a similar skill set and you

don't know them but at the very least

you could reach out to them on LinkedIn

and say hey we haven't met but I see you

just got hired at XYZ I'd love to hear

what you think it takes to get hired

there once again by connecting with

several people in the organization you

can get more information about what it

takes to get hired they may be willing

to introduce you to the recruiter which

is now a warm referral there's going to

be a much greater chance that the

recruiter will speak to you but I'm also

going to tell you one other secret why

you should do this especially on

LinkedIn when recruiters use LinkedIn

especially their paid platform if they

look you up on the platform it tells

them who you're connected to in the

company so if I'm a recruiter and I see

that you know 2 3 4 5 10 people at the

organization I'm going to far more

likely to review what you've written to

me and to actually talk to you so again

this strategy is all about connecting

with other people in the organization in

order for it make to the right

impression to the recruiters so that

they want to talk to you ok so there you

have it folks 2 tips to recap please

don't oversell yourself when reaching

out to a recruiter they're a stranger

you want to talk more about what they're

looking for in a candidate and less

about yourself and secondly whenever

possible you want to get referred to the

recruiter directly and as I share

there's a couple ways to do that

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alright everyone good luck reaching out

to those recruiters and I will see you

next time in a coaching moment