Tips on Attracting a Chinese Woman

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hi everybody my name is marina and this

is Doris she's Chinese which means today

we're gonna talk about how to attract a

Chinese woman so before we start I have

to point out that Chinese people are

very results oriented versus experience

oriented which means it's going to show

through our culture and you'll

definitely get a sense of that when

you're dating a Chinese woman

remember these are generalizations as

well as things are changing in China

you should still know what you're

getting into so let's get on with it

yeah getting to know each other so in

the West the way we meet each other is

we get to know each other individually

and then if we're into each other we

introduce this person to our friends

okay but in China no right so it's the

opposite so your friends are the ones

that either bring you together if they

approve or they tear apart if you're

foreigner most likely you won't meet her

through group groups of friends but no

matter how you meet her or where you

meet her do you expect her to give you

her number and get ready for the texting

part of the dating and how long is the

texting part how are usually about two

weeks to a month no big deal little

girls huh why I can give you my number

what is your education do you have a job

what is your career do you have a car

general house bigger small would you

have parents do instead of making the

effort to taxon arranged a date the

texting here is dating during this stage

the girl will try to find out as much as

she can about the guy and most of time

it's about certain things over other

things in the West we text each other

just so we can get on the first date

right and in China like if said texting

is the dating so when you actually meet

each other you're already kind of on the

sixth day seventh date like kind of

we're already together kind of thing

during the texting stage the pressure is

all on the guy to find out what the girl

likes so if she mentions something

remember this when you go on your first


we'll never ever coughing I'm actually

like this intolerance if they have a soy

option or like coconut milk this time

also I support a local businesses only

so yeah and then organic as well hey

let's see again one of the rabbit in a

totally not the passionfruit steam vocal


do you have known January Facebook Liana

if they're already together together

when they go on this whatever first date

how do they get around the subject of

physical intimacy cuz I mean they

haven't been physically intimate with

each other right I would say like maybe

start with hand-holding if that's okay

with a girl like you gotta kind of like

test it out kind of thing because to us

hand-holding is the first place let's

talk about getting it on sexual

education is very limited very basic in

China right there's no sex education in

China your parents would never talk to

you about sex like ever if you're a girl

your mom will tell you stay a virgin

until you get married and something's

gonna happen to you my mom time that

social mark make sure Matt's audience

which you do not talk about sex with

your partner because it's just it's too

much you're kind of crossing a line at

that point you know I have so many


this means all the physical contact is

very elementary school in China


in China it's having a lot of sexual

experience is a taboo so a lot of men do

you expect women to be pure and that's

why a lot of women do hold out for

marriage also talking about sex with

your partner is it's kind of seen as a

not a good thing to do

crossing it's kind of like crossing the

boundary a little bit high power the

notion of which are my da Tom and Jen

Jen Liang corsage Jen lots of don't want

Russia China girl she don't rise in

at home it out let's talk about

parents so when you are dating her you

are practically dating her whole family

wow that's amazing


nice to meet you so remember Chinese

parents are quite um it's true it's true

they want to make sure that you're where

the guy who is able to provide for you

and that you have some stability but not

with a guy that does any of these jobs

actor TJ construction worker youtuber

there's no guarantees in China so singer

no dancer no artist mm-hmm guys no one

with tattoos yeah so if you have tattoos

cover them up you're a foreigner again

some of these rules might not apply to

you to the same extent we're getting to

the good part

yes the good part is once you get passed

through all those stages you're finally

getting accepted into the family like

for because divorce is frowned upon in

China the relationship so the really

good news is that once you're dating the

Chinese girl there is not a lot of

ambiguity there's no oh I'm gonna see

her and I see other people at the same

time date around am I in love with her

but do I love her kind of stuff it's

just like no we're dating we're serious

about each other

we're gonna stay faithful to each other

and that definitely shows through how

she's gonna show the whole world that

you guys are together


you know how the Chinese people they

just go to Paris and take whole bunch of

photos and come back and tell everyone

oh look how rich we are look how much we

can afford but they're not ready there

to experience it it's the same thing so

the girl is gonna post whole bunch of

photos on social media and tell the

whole world that you guys are together


looking for like a place to go where you

feel a sense of security then China is

definitely the perfect place to go is it

mm-hmm it also look at her she's pretty


the marriage a lot of Chinese girls if

they don't find someone by the age of 28

there's a lot of pressure on them

because they get called left over women

their parents would take on this

challenge and try to find them

someone so they would set them up on

blind dates and they're even blind dates

Park in China a lot of them oh well

that's all right

honey you find someone else okay you'll

break up quite boring I know you're 28

no more time I take care 28 no no my

sister's me we put back to us look that

statistics show apparently there is a

hundred and eighteen single men to 100

single women which is great for the

women right but there's like 200 million

singles in China so guys if she talks

about being married really early on in

the relationship don't be that scared I

remember the pressure that she's under

to get married early

that's a lot of pressure yeah go fish

some women Chinese women tend to be very

feminine very nurturing mm-hmm as a

whole so I think that's what you're

looking for then I think China is a

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