Speaking with Recruiters at a Career Fair - Interview Skills

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the following video shows two examples

of a student speaking with a recruiter

at a career fair

the first example shows what not to do

with commentary about what the recruiter

and student were thinking during the

interaction followed by the second

example which shows a good interaction

between the student and with heard oh no

what did I get myself into so many

people in here I don't even know where

to start

hey this room is so loud how can I have

like conversation with recruiters when

it's really hard to hear them no one's

going to want to hire me this was a


oh man this line is so long I'm tired

already and I've only been here for a

few minutes when is my colleague going

to come and help me manage this line

what is this person talking about blah

blah blah you're not gonna say anything

name full just stop talking so I can get

on to the next person

hi I'm Cisco Midori I'm a first year

some BLS student and I I have a previous

experience with Acme plastic as a

operation of facility assistant

currently looking for a summer

internship uh do you have any spot

available and you sponsor

internationalist today we'll consider

sponsoring the right candidate and we do

have summer internships in logistics

currently those positions are posted on

our website have you gotten a chance to

look at those positions already oh no ok

essentially what we're trying to do is

improve the amount of time from when an

order is placed to when it's delivered

we're global company so we're focusing

primarily on international shipments can

you tell me a little bit why you're even

interested in logistics oh well I'm uh

I'm a really detail-oriented person and

also really good with numbers can I

leave my resume with you you know I

actually can't take your resume today

but what you can do is you can go on to

our website and you can submit it online

for a position that you're interested in

oh ok huh Thanks

you know I really wanted to get to know

this student but it seemed like all she

was interested in was running through a

resume in that elevator speech you're

super super rushed not only was a super

rush but it was obviously over rehearsed

I just wanted to have a conversation

with her but I couldn't the whole

interaction was just so awkward she

didn't want to tell me anything about

her or any of her skills that she could

bring to my company she obviously didn't

do any sort of research she knew nothing

about my company she hadn't even been to

the website and looked at the positions

yet the bottom line is she wouldn't look

at me in the eye

she spoke super super soft she just

wasn't a very good fit I didn't fail I

can sum up kind of the entire

interaction and one word she was just

really forgettable

come on my got money I didn't have

anything to say to him so da I didn't

ask him anything

I felt really rush because everyone in

line was waiting for me and I kind of

feel he's rushing to like true his

explanation about the company and the

position like how am I supposed to know

about that I I actually saw other

students talking to the recruiters and

laughing just anyone else how know how

to do this naturally except for me he

even looked at me funny was my English

really that bad hmm everyone in line was

my friend so I kind of hate competing

with him for the job there got to be

some way better to do this the student

made several mistakes in her interaction

with the recruiter she made a bad first

impression because she lacked confidence

and excitement in her voice she slouched

instead of standing straight and tall it

was also difficult to hear her and she

didn't look the recruiter in the eye the

whole time she wasn't prepared for the

conversation either she didn't research

the company and the positions ahead of

time she also recited all of her

experience at once in a monologue

instead of having a two-way conversation

with the recruiter she mentioned a few

general skills she had instead of being

specific and she didn't give examples of

how her past experiences connected with

the position the student also asked poor

questions during the conversation she

asked closed-ended questions that could

only be answered with yes or no instead

of asking open-ended questions to keep

the conversation going the student

brought up the subject of sponsorship

instead of waiting for the recruiter to

ask about this at the end of the

conversation she left quickly without

finding out how to follow up with the


hi hi hi I'm Cisco Dori nice to meet you

today how are you great thank you for

asking it's been a great day there's a

lot of students here who ya seem to be

interested in our open positions yeah

well I really appreciate your time and

really excited to see you today I'm a

first year MBA student and I had a

previous experience in logistics it was

for acne plastic I was a operation

facility assistant and I actually

pursued logistics because I do enjoy

analyzing processes and developing way

to get a more efficient way around those

process I'm currently looking for an

internship for this summer so I did dig

a little about your company and the

position for that supply chain process

improvement but I do have a several

question to ask sure what questions do

you have oh well I got a little sense of

what kind of skill I would def lob but

could you explain more about what kind

of projects I'll be involved in yeah


particularly this summer what we're

focusing on is we're trying to shorten

the amount of time from when an order is

placed 22 delivered

we're global companies so our primary

focus is going to actually be on the

international shipments oh yeah that

sounds interesting well in my previous

experience I do have a little bit of

that like I did determine the root cause

of inefficiencies but I haven't had any

chance to actually put that into plan or

implementing that plan so is there any

additional training for internship like

you know to gentl that skill yeah one of

the great things about being an intern

is you actually get to participate in


professional workshops Oh typically our

workshops are focused on things like

professional communication leadership

development you even get an opportunity

to work with the new software that we're

actually implementing at the company wow

that's a really interesting experience

for me as any interns well can I leave

my resume with you today you know I

actually can't take your resume today

but what you can do is you can just go

onto our website you can submit it to

one of the positions that you're

interested in applying for oh wow yes

that's that sounds really good that

sounds perfect

can I have your business card in case I

have further question to ask yeah of

course please contact me yeah man cool

thank you thank you so much again for

your time I will definitely follow up

with you well have a great rest of the

day thank you bye Thanks

the student made several changes that

made her interaction more effective with

the recruiter she made a good first

impression by confidently standing tall

greeting the recruiter looking him in

the eye shaking his hand smiling and

speaking loudly and clearly the student

was much more prepared for the

conversation because she researched the

company and knew about the open

positions she talked about specific

skills she had instead of general skills

and she explained how her skills and

past experiences connected to the

position she also kept the conversation

going instead of reciting all of her

experience at once like a pre-recorded

script the student asked good questions

- she asked open-ended questions and she

didn't ask a closed-end a question about

whether the company provides sponsorship

or not when speaking with a recruiter

don't assume that he or she knows

everything about sponsorship wait to see

if the opportunity to discuss the topic

naturally presents itself and be

prepared to discuss the specifics of

your personal work authorization and

what sponsorship entails for both

students and companies finally the

student asked for a business card and

determined how to follow up with any

future questions thank you for watching

this video about speaking with

recruiters at a career fair please

contact the Office of career management

with any additional questions