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hi guys and welcome back to another

video so in today's video we are going

to be talking about how did you attract

the Capricorn man this is part of my

heart to attract zodiac sign series so

so far I have done Scorpio and


so today Capricorn you are a bit as your

girl happy Capricorn season by the way

we are half way through it we still got

a little bit to go in order for you to

sort of figure out how to attract a

Capricorn or harder track to study

outside it is important to first sort of

look into the common traits that comes

with the sign so for Capricorn the sort

of common traits to come with the

Capricorn would be the likes of quite

reserved and quite patient people very

ambitious people they can be they can be

very funny and humorous and they can be

pretty pretty practical

Capricorn's prefer to sort of hide

behind closed doors so the things that

happen within their home remain within

their home they don't like to expose

themselves and sort of talk about

themselves openly outside of their home

they basically just don't like when

other people know what they're up to but

for some weird reason they like to know

what other people are up to and as well

if a Capricorn

man does want you there is no second

thoughts about it and they've already

sort of made their mind up they already

knew what they want all right with that

being said hi exactly can you attract

yourself a very reserved quite mature

serious Capricorn man first things first

is to not push him so capricorns they're

quite slow they're sort of like slow and

steady wins the race so kind of think of

The Tortoise and the hare and the

tortoise is the slow one and he ends up

winning where's the hare just speeds on

so if you do like them and you want to

track him slow it down a little bit slow

it down tell Capricorn's have this

Tennessee tendency to

hide their feelings a lot they're quite

guarded that way and the reason why this

is is because they they fear they fear

rejection they fear getting hurt and

that's not just within relationships or

people they fear feel you're in general

what you must do is to try and not go

and super fast try not to go in super

fast and go in instead showing him that

your intentions are true so not even

just by telling him show him the actions

speak so so much louder than words for

the Capricorn showing him and he might

actually appreciate that a lot he might

appreciate the efforts that you're going

to but not in such a an obvious way all

night as well

Capricorn's they do not have time for

playing games honesty is the best policy

with them they want to know where they

start with you I think this is because

obviously they have this fear of

rejection and failures so if you're just

playing games with them it's just it's

going to confuse them they'll just get

really irritated he will probably most

likely look at the whole hard-to-get

mind game sort of situation is quite

quite childish and immature but thing is

a bit Capricorn energy it's a pretty

mature energy it's not like the first of

the zodiac like Aries or like Gemini's

pretty immature energy the the

capricorns their their full growth of

maturity within the earth signs so they

don't want immature people messing with

their heads another way to attract the

kept core man is to prove that you're

hard-working unambitious prove that you

want to achieve the life you want to be

successful in life

so Capricorn is it's all about career

okay it's very much a sign that is

driven by career and driven driven by

power kind of like imagine it as them

like the Capricorn is sitting down with

you and it's like an interview

they're asking you like so Tana where do

you see yourself in ten years you may

better have an answer you have devadatta

- that goes well okay okay maybe not so

literal okay it's not so much like that

but they do they do prefer it when

whenever the person knows what they want

if it's not this wishy-washy sort of

vibe they know what they want and

they're gonna work hard in order to get


it's kind of funny because two other

signs this may be slightly boring in a

lot of ways you know being soo sure

about what you want in life and there's

not really that sort of spontaneous vibe

to it and but with the capricorns

someone who knows what they want is

actually pretty attractive to them

another way in which you can attract the

capricorn meal is to try to be a classy

flirt so don't go into it and being that

sort of AM stereotypical flirtatious way

or like just coming on just too hard

with your words try not to do that try

to be a little bit more softer softer

with your flirting so instead maybe try

just looking looking him and handling

the eye nodding smiling or like smirking

just really looking at him like yeah

yeah just flirt with your eyes a little

bit you can you could do that flirt with

the eyes the thing about Capricorn meals

is that whilst it is super easy to

strike up the conversation with them

it's not so easy to end up being with

one this is the thing as well with

Capricorn meals they will wit if they

like you they will wit as long as they

need to it until until you like agree or

you want to to be with them or that you

like them back so if you think about it

and you're trying to attract what

that's going to be a slow process as

well that can be quite slow so whereas

they're pretty easy to get on with I

know that I get on pretty well

capricorns it's still difficult to

actually get to that final finish line

remember the tortoise is taking forever

to get to that finish line but yet he

still crosses and he still wins another

way in which you can potentially attract

him would be by just a payin couple like

little subtle compliments just a little

cute bubbly compliments I feel like

Capricorn energy they can be quite

attractive to people who are a little

bit bubbly and witty and funny and

light-hearted I think this is because

Capricorn is such a serious hard-working

sign so they need or they're attracted

to the ones the signs that aren't so


not even compliments about his looks

like just compliments about like things

that he does like they appreciate

something that he does or that you like

the way he does something I'll not note

though try not to embarrass the

Capricorn meal they hit when the

spotlight is on them as I say they like

to keep their things or their personal

life personal behind closed doors that's

what I like to keep that so

embarrassment to them it's not very good

they don't take it very well they get

very very uncomfortable when it's sort

of like all eyes on them and they're

going to say something and they just

don't they don't want to it up

pretty much if you're super light

hearted and you're super just chilled

and sweet and nice and this will shine

through for the Capricorn meal and they

will be more relaxed and more

comfortable around that type of energy

and last but not least my last tip on

how to attract the Capricorn meal is to

carry yourself well for corn energy or

Capricorn meals I feel are quite

attracted to and to others that are

quick confident and themselves are quite

sure of who they are I think that's

obviously related because of the fact

that they're attracted to people who

knew what they want so therefore they're

kind of attracted to people who

just know who they are for example they

could be attracted to those who are

confident and comfortable in their

sexuality but I would like to highlight

that that does not mean that capricorns

are attracted to the types who wear very

little clothing you could be wearing

just a pair of like skinny jeans or like

a t-shirt or sweater something like that

but to them you still look good in it

you you're wearing it but you're pulling

it off you are pulling off a tie fit

with pride with confidence you're not

necessarily showing all the skin and

everything else but for some reason it's

your it's your confidence that this

shines through it's your how you carry

yourself that the Capricorn is is quite

attracted to I guess in a sense they'd

be more attracted to that through

sensuality aspect I think that's because

they are an earth sign so if I grinded

and they love to be touched in the

senses and everything that's a very

grounded thing the five senses they are

a human experience and so a human

experience is a grinded experience so

therefore people with like a high sex

appeal who just ooze sensuality they're

pretty attractive to the capricorns I

would also like to highlight that

Capricorn meals they are more attracted

to the types that are not doormats

they like people who are not afraid to

speak up for themselves or to defend

themselves or just to be like no you're

you cannot you can treat me like this

yes while they do admire someone who

isn't afraid to speak up for themselves

there's still that line where it's a

little bit too aggressive and it's bit

too much alright guys so that concludes

my video on how you can attract yourself

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