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hi guys welcome back to another video so

I am back with see how to charts for the

exciting series I'm in today's video

we're going to be discussing how you can

attract yourself I cancer

I love it just want to start off by

saying here of course happy birthday

cancer I don't usually wait this long

into the season to make these videos but

I've been pretty pretty busy but

regardless happy birthday to all of you

can variance you just hide your birthday

and for all of you you still have your

birthdays to come not in order to

attract any sign we of course must look

at the common qualities entrance that

come with the sign make sense right

I can gladly put my hand up here and say

that I have some first-hand experience

because my mother has a cancer son no

here's the thing

cancer women are highly sensitive women

but at the same time they are extremely

strong women though they will not let on

the date are strong for example my

mother she has been through many

hardships this is the thing as well by

concerns they know hardships and

struggles my mother has been through a

lot but yet still she has the heart of a

lion kind of interesting though because

Leo comes right after cancer and I do

think that as the signs progress there

is something to learn from well designed

before and the sign going ahead well we

can learn a little bit of something from

every sign but I do think that in order

for a cancer to grow to sort of

evolution of the cancer so to speak is

them stepping into that next science

power the leo power but yes cancer women

they are caring they are nurturing their

empathetic and most of all they are

protective it's actually all the ones

that they love cancers hearts are very

big very loving so when it does come to

attracting a cancer woman

try to spark up an interest when it

comes to her family background you could

maybe try asking her some questions

about any sibling she has what life was

like growing up where did she live where

was she born where did the family go on

vacation each year these little

prompting questions that could show her

that you're quite interested in her for

a start and you're interested and her

family not at the same time try not to

come on too strong because considering

women they are a little bit more

reserved and gamers and other signs more

by keeping themselves to themselves and

not just blabbing hide everything

personal about themselves just anybody

you must gain the trust of a cancer

woman so because of this more likely

than not it will be you who's kidding in

most of the legwork but that's okay

because whenever you put in the legwork

I think shows you know can Syrians as

well they're very receptive people they

ain't stupid so she will admire and see

that you're making an effort to really

get to know her and get to know about

her son Lee and better yet if she does

have a really good relationship with her

mother then ask about her mother and be

aware that if it's when it does come to

a potential long-term relationship the

mother of the cancer woman is definitely

someone that you're gonna have to win

over as well so you're not gonna have to

just win the hardest one woman you're

gonna have to win the heart of two women

no I don't know how would work if her

mother was also a cancer I mean we just

have to win the heart then of her mother

than the grandmother I mean how far do

we have to go back here speaking of

going back cancers are known for really

being able to reminisce on the good old

days and look back on their life so

whatever you are wanting to attract or

ask her about her history ask for a

better childhood like I said just try

asking her about some of her favorite

memories things that she values from way

back when my of course

one family is perfect and family

dynamics can be very complicated from

family to family that's okay that's

alright just be open be honest

listen don't sure or make those things

that you're being judgmental just be

there just be that that year the

understanding I'm pretty sure she will

be quite understanding right back really

want to come to attracting cancers is to

show them that you listen to listen to a

cancer Ian is very very important if you

think about it it's rather great because

you don't need to put on this huge show

for a concert man or woman like no for

both you don't need to do that you don't

need to be over-the-top or extravagant

it's as simple as just being there

really be there be the rock you know as

the crowd is going on to the shore as

climate over all the rocks it likes to

chill by rock right just be steady as a

rock okay show her this sort of security

and stability because cancer Ian's to

really admire security and to know that

you are going to be there through the

sick and through the sin through the

good times the bad times just be there

now like I was saying in terms of you

having to put in a lot of the legwork

and it's really because well they're

unlikely to make the first move and the

reason why they're unlikely to make the

first move is because of a strong fear

of rejection for them especially

especially if a cancer woman has been

hurt before you know if they their

hearts have been broken in a previous

relationship someone let them die it'll

be much harder than for them to come out

of that she'll because if you can

imagine they're out of their shell or

crawl on a boat and then someone hurts

them they retreat back in

and so it takes a long time in order to

them to come back out and feel okay

about it with that then in terms of this

whole rejection just do those little

things like I said just ask those

questions just show an interest smile

listen be affectionate most of all be

sensitive towards hi she feel can

Sirians and swell all the water signs

they are feelings based signs so if you

come at them and you say I know there's

some way you feel this way this is what

I think about what you feel you get that

I think that you're wrong for feeling

this way your class here it just it just

doesn't go it's kind of funny because

I'm obviously thinking this in order to

communicate this but I think I think

that feelings are supposed to be well

felt even if you think of this very

feeling of love love to describe love to

someone else that is a very difficult

thing to do because the feeling of love

to someone here might be completely

different to the feeling of love to

somebody over here therefore don't

criticize her for how she feels

don't argue with her on how she feels

don't challenge her just let her feel

show her that she's allowed to feel how

she wants to feel and not you know not

be judged for it ultimately guys with

the cancer woman be tender be gentle

most of all just listen to her if you

can remember those little things that

she tells you try even remembering her

favorite song remember her if you're

opposed to eat it's very good that you

met definitely remember that because

most likely than not she will remember

just know that even though the cancer

woman wears this protective shell or

this armor which can make them sing

often a little aloof inside that she'll

actually lies this

huge salty was a really big

compassionate loving sympathetic and

caring heart okay guys so that concludes

my video on how you can attract yourself

a cancer woman thank you kindly to my

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