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hi guys and welcome back to another

video I am back with my hi to attract

the zodiac sign series happy birthday to

all of you can Syrians right there

they're usually wait too long to record

these videos this far into the season

but hey we're still here so cancer well

you can Syrians if you've already had a

birthday I've had a great birthday for

all of you who still have birthdays to

go I hope it's awesome

I apologize about dog barking I live

around so many dogs okay so in order to

attract any sign of course it is very

important to look at the common

qualities and traits that come with the

sign thereby concerts is that they are

highly sensitive people but at the same

time they are such strong people let's

just say here the cancers they

understand this very hardships to come

with life more than other signs very

much so

not more likely than not it will be you

having to do the legwork this is just

because concerns are highly unlikely to

make the first move because they suffer

from the fear of being rejected

counselors are caring they're nurturing

their epistatic most of all cancers are

protective especially protective of

those that they love and that they care

about so when it does come to attracting

accounts or man no more likely than not

he will value his family very very much

just try asking them some questions

about its family background and also

share information about your own family

background but at the same time don't

bombard him with questions don't come on

too strong because concern people are

usually quite quiet quite reserved they

don't just trust people you know off the

bat it takes it takes a long time to

gain a cancer mounds trust or cancers

trust in general so way to gain that

trust is by

just go and slow into it you know kinda

like kinda like auditorium's you just

gotta try and go gently and tenderly and

show him that you mean well very genuine

genuine and that you care you do

genuinely care about well him and his

life for example what you could do is

you could try inquiring what is

childhood that could be something that

he might have forgive my result because

think about cancer is it cancers they

usually have very good memories and they

do like to reminisce on the good old

days well you can ask him things like

where were you born

do you have any brothers or sisters

where did you in your family go on

vacation when you were younger when you

were growing up what was the famous dish

that your mum used to make all of you

you know things like this just little

small questions to prompt them to get

them to open up a little bit more and

more in to come out of that she'll what

I do want to strongly emphasize here is

if you're dealing with a cancer man who

has been hurt before in the past can be

a little bit more difficult in terms of

gaining his trust I mean because they do

tend to really latch onto things and

latch onto the past and people memories

and things like that so he has maybe

been slightly hurt then you just got a

pretty more work that's really it just

just to know more work and just be more

patient be more kind be sensitive be

free sensitive and sympathetic towards

towards him towards his feelings don't

make him feel bad for how he feels

either think about water signs guys

because cancer is a water sign is that

they're very feelings beasts and

naturally because of this it is highly

important that you did you really value

that in them that you don't just tell

them to grow up or tell them to you know

just get over it also don't try to make

him rationalize it all on his head let

him feel it okay let him feel it

you do

have to feel this is the thing you don't

have to feel you just need to show him

that you understand that he is feeling

it you know what I mean and so with this

whenever it comes to attracting him just

show him that hi he feels matters I

understand that of course not one family

in this world is perfect not not one so

if he does maybe have like a complicated

relationship with assembly because of

course not all cons Aryans are going to

have this fabulous relationship with

their family or with their mother

because cancer is related to the mother

and so because of this they are known to

have quite good relations with their

mothers or it's that their mother has a

huge impact on them but as I say not all

of them are going to have such great

relationships with their mothers just

because it's related to the mother

so even say if he has a complicated

family dynamic or maybe even you do

that's okay that's perfectly fine just

be open and honest about it and don't be

judgmental as to what he has to say

about his family and as well if you do

find out that he has a rather great

relationship with his mother whale

you're going to have to get the a plus

the approval from her so keep that in

mind if you want to attract him okay

really I think for attracting a cancer

mom is so so important that he is

listened to because he's very good

listener himself they do appreciate it

when and whenever they are listened to

properly whenever they know that they

can properly express themselves because

I do find with water signs that there is

this difficulty in expressing themselves

because of the fact that the feelings

are getting in the way and well you

think about that how do you describe a

feeling I mean does anybody know how to

truly describe describe love love is a

feeling that

well it's quite indescribable in a lot

of ways there's just so many different

ways that people try to translate it and

I think that's the point of white

feelings is that they're not supposed to

be verbalized that are supposed to be

sad feelings just are so yeah if you

want to attract a cancer man be gentle

be tender with him

most of all be an excellent listener and

because of the fact that he does have

such a great memory more likely than not

keep that in mind try to remember some

important things that he tells you maybe

even he tells you what a favorite song

is or his favorite place to eat just

simply remember those things and if he

does tell you a really important thing

definitely definitely definitely

remember to happen to trust me lying

your way around to get with the chem

serían it's not going to work

so truly if you do want to attract him

make sure that you like him for the

right reasons okay just go after his


whoo after that tender little mushy fake

heart that he has because even though

he's in this shell it's hard inside the

crab it's all soft it's a little bit

gray but it is so damn delicious like I

said just try asking some questions show

it on trust

listen smile be affectionate most of all

of course be very sensitive towards his

feelings and also understand those

emotional tides that he can go into if

he goes through these emotional

happenings just just be able to get this

this don't criticize them and don't

confront him on it just let just let

them another room yeah truly guys for a

cancer man yes he was a protective shell

which can often make him appear pretty

loose but inside that gel there is that

huge huge salt day was a very big heart

okay guys so that could with my video on

how you can attract yourself against

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