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what's up pro members thank you guys so

much for being here once again I do

appreciate it I wanted to make a really

quick video on something that somebody

brought up in the learn about social

media marketing group and it was

something that was really important that

you know I've made a lot of these videos

that I called foundation videos which

will teach you guys the very beginnings

of Instagram snapchat Facebook whatever

platform it could be just to have that

concrete service to build from and then

as time goes on I'll jump into advanced

marketing kind of more of like how you

do ads how you do affiliate marketing

how you do influencer marketing things

along the lines of that one of the

members Alex Thompson had asked about

how to approach clients with the proper

form whether it's via email and/or via

in-person or phone call and I think

that's a great thing to bring up because

I figure I can really tackle this to

give you guys a quick lesson on how to

do that one of the main things I have

learned is that when you approach

somebody new who is a general manager a

business owner a CEO of a company of

somebody who you're trying to manage

their social media for their time is

extremely valuable one thing I've

learned is that a lot of you guys may

know that I do have a story of my father

passed in a way I was homeless at one

point I have a lot of money and I grew

up in kind of a rough way but the

reality and the harsh reality is that

nobody really cares nobody really wants

to hear that kind of stuff so when you

go in to introduce yourself when they

ask for your background or what you do

keep it very straightforward I do bring

up some times that I had you know a

passion in my family or had a rough

childhood but I kind of use that as

motivation there's ways to kind of feel

the people that you're talking to on how

you tell them your life and how you

explain to them who you are

the way I've learned whether it's gonna

be in person or on the phone or over

email is you want to make it quick like

I said time is extremely valuable

especially for somebody who owns a

company or and they own a business

whatever it could be is that get to the

point very quickly I'll teach you guys

the four main things that I would

recommend the main thing is the first

thing you start with is an introduction

firm handshake good eye contact or on

email form a very good subject line so

one thing I've always done that I like

to do is say hey can I borrow your time

or I'll say can I borrow like seventy

three seconds or something unique where

people want to click on it say what does

this guy want what does this guy do or

you can also say I can add

I can add value to your company I can

bring you customers something that when

they click it they know that this guy

can bring me something and that I can

justify paying him for what he does so

if you can bring value to a company in a

way where when you bring value to a

company what it comes down to bringing

value to a company any boss or business

owner or CEO out there wants more of

this so if you can bring them that

especially in a new generation of social

media there's no reason why they won't

either give it a try take a risk or pay

you to manage your social media for them

just to see what it's like if they're

new to it maybe they're willing to take

the risk if they're not new to it you

can find a way to be better than the

person that's doing it currently for

them the second part of after you

introduce yourself is how do you add

value explain to them what you do

explain to them how it works keep it

very straightforward that you use social

media to bring clients and to buy more

of their service or product that's it

you don't do go into crazy detail

because as soon as you go into detail a

lot of people will get lost especially

they don't understand it then they get

confused and then you end up giving them

a second way to say maybe I don't need

this or you make them confused where

they don't want to be a part of it so

when you make it quick and you make it

sound attractive to that person there's

much more chance of them saying yes

compared to them saying no the third

thing you wouldn't want to do is say

pricing the breakdown more in detail of

how it works if they are interested I

always say in an email or in person if

you can find a way to do it

keep it between like three to six

sentences long on what you do and how

you offer and how you break it down this

way you're only taking up about 30 to 60

seconds of somebody's time and you get

the point across very quickly the last

thing that I always stress over and over

again is that you want to make sure you

think the person that took their time to

talk to you really good handshake a

really nice end of the email whatever it

could be

make sure you think the person for at

least taken or time to listen to what

you had to say because it's not only

gonna help them if they say yes it's

building you as a person saying you know

if you're new to this business or if

you're new to be an entrepreneur if

you're new to running the social media

company it's actually helping you

because imagine if you order 20 people

and you learn each time of what to do

better next time whether you're talking

too much over yourself or you're talking

too quickly or you're interrupting your

whatever it could be you start to learn

that maybe the first five didn't work

well but maybe the five after that you

learn what to do better and the next

thing you know that twenty first person

after twenty people they end up saying

yes because those twenty people before

you developed all those skills on what

to do and what not to do all that

applies to whether you do an email phone

call or in person like I said in the

future I'll go into more advanced videos

but that's just very simple on how you

reach out to your clients how you get

new potential clients and it just makes

it very straightforward for the person

you're trying to sell yourself to to

understand and I remember some I'm gonna

end this video by saying make sure you

do a good job of selling yourself and

same thing with those twenty people for

the twenty first person saying yes is

that sell yourself when it comes to a

business yes a business is important but

when it comes to you talking to an owner

or GM you want to sell your name your

face value of who you are and what you

do as a person because when you bring a

genuine feeling to an owner or a boss

they connect with you better and they

trust you more so find a way to connect

with people not just saying that I can

bring your value but as a person as a

human to use to your advantage of having

that personal connection with somebody

the thing is to no matter if they say

yes or no especially they say no learn

how to handle without any emotions say

okay they said no I'm done I'm gonna go

work out another client that way in six

months from now when they call you they

still have a good attitude towards you

and they say hey you know what maybe I

do need your help

instead of being emotional and saying

thank you I don't want to do this it's

actually gonna help you in the long run

to say you know what think if your time

I do appreciate it then they'll

reconsider you in six months so think of

the long term don't think of the short

term one-month thing where it's just

gonna be you do what you want how you

want to do it make sure you really

absorb what you do the first 20 times

and like I keep saying all my videos

that twenty first person that does say

yes that's when you know you have that

confidence to say I can go reach out to

500 people and if only five say yes

that's better than zero knows at all

thank you guys so much for watching I do

appreciate it please go ahead and

comment below let me know you thought

about that video and I'll see you guys

in the next one