How to Approach Someone You Like!

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hey guys what's up it's Josh so for this

week's video as you guys could see by

the title I wanted to do something that

you guys have really requested recently

and that is a video on how to actually

approach somebody that you like I feel

like there's a bunch of ways to go

around doing this and there's a bunch of

things that you could say and that you

can do I just came up with a couple and

so for all of you that requested this

video I hope that it helps you out and

if it does and if it helps anybody else

out make sure they give this video a

thumbs up and comment down below and

tell me something about something you

wish that you could do you're just

nervous to do right now like if you want

to talk to a guy and you can't then just

like tell me something like that down in

the comments so with all that being said

here are a couple things that I think

may help with you approaching that

person that you like Oh before you even

do anything firstly I think there are

some things that you need to figure out

before you actually walk up to that

person and talk to them make sure you

have something planned that you want to

say so that you like can actually carry

on a conversation or just like at least

talk to them another thing that I think

is really important before you actually

walk up to that person is that you look

presentable like a first impression is

like everything so I mean if you're a

dressed like really bad and your hair is

all over the place and you forgot to

brush your teeth and your breath smells

ratchet this is probably not going to

help you out if you're walking up to the

person that you like so before you walk

up to that person I think those are just

a couple of things that you need to do

moving into actually walking up to that

person really good way in order to

actually walk up to them and approach

them is to ask for help even when you

don't need it you're walking down the

hallway and you see that person that you

like and you just like want to talk to

them but you don't know what to say just

like walk up to them and ask them for

directions or just ask them some

questions like where something is just

to like actually be able to start

talking to them so that's the first

thing ask for help even if you don't

need it so the second way that I think

you could approach this person that you

like is by sitting next to them in class

now even though you might be like

nervous to like talk to them or whatever

I feel like eventually the teacher in

that class is going to be putting people

in groups that are sitting next to each

other so if you don't want to just

necessarily walk up to somebody and talk

to them I feel like if you sit next to

them in class you're more than likely

going to be pull with them in a group so

I mean that could be another way that

you could start talking to that person

another thing that I think is really

important is when you're walking up to

somebody this might not be like actually


but when you're talking to them it's

very important to like be confident even

if you're not like a really confident

person but I usually like really shy I

think it's really important to be able

to like talk to somebody and be able to

show them that like you can carry on a

conversation so I think that's why it's

really important till they have

something plan and then be confident

about what you have that you're going to

save because then that shows that person

that like this is somebody that I could

actually carry on a conversation with oh

I think that's the third thing the

fourth thing I came up with that I think

can be a good idea is a lot of the times

I feel like it's like the guy walks up

to the girl and like does like the first

move and like hits on the girl at first

and then whatever but sometimes I feel

like guys actually like when a girl will

make the first move and like walk up to

them I just feel like it shows that you

can like take control like a situation

and you're not afraid till you like hey

I'm here and if you don't like me then

whatever but this is Who I am I feel

like that's another good way to like

approach somebody is by making the first

move on that person right so the next

thing that I think can help you actually

approach a person is like if you

approach them by yourself I feel like

that's usually a good idea and it's

usually better if they're by themselves

too because then you can actually be you

are and you're not afraid of what other

people around you are thinking and

that's the same for them too like if

they're alone I feel like it's better

because then they're not gonna feel like

they need to be somebody who they're not

I just feel like that's a good idea the

last thing I came up with is that you

don't even have to like walk up to

somebody but I feel like this is almost

like approaching them if you always like

look at this person give them that look

like you want to talk to them but at the

same time you're too nervous to walk up

to them and talk to them I feel like

that's almost like approaching somebody

look them in the eye and like make sure

that they see it and then like look away

just like don't like stare at them but I

feel like when you actually start

talking to each other gonna have like

that connection already that you know

like you wanted to talk to them because

you were always looking at them oh yeah

those are just some of the things that I

can think of I hope that you guys got

something out of this video and it can

help you a little bit

and if it did make sure that you give

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something whatever you want doesn't even

matter so this is a second video I

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said I love you guys so much and I hope

that you guys have a good rest of your

day and I will see you next Saturday in

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