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hey guys what's up it's Josh today as

you guys can see I'm not in my regular

filming location and also as you guys

can see I'm sitting next to somebody

that I'm not usually sitting next to and

that's because it's Saturday Saturdays

gave surprises surprise also for today's

video today's gonna be a pretty special

one because I have never done a giveaway

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out yeah good luck to everybody I'm just

super stoked to like send it up to

somebody so but today's video basically

what I wanted to do is I wanted to

answer one of the top questions that I

get sent to me all the time and I

thought that it would be a good idea to

do it with Brian why you smell so bad


today's video we're gonna be doing how

to get a guy to notice you at school

Haley there are a lot of you guys that

are going into high school or middle

school or even college so quick answer

for you okay focus on school guys

alright don't worry about guys alright

look at us what are we weird okay I

actually dropped out of school Wow okay

yeah I don't look at him so that's what

we wanted to do for today's video so I

hope you guys enjoy it here is the first

thing that we came up with first thing

that we came up with that we thought is

a really good idea when you're trying to

get somebody to notice you at school is

that it's really important to basically

be yourself and not to try to put on

that vibe like you're trying to be

something that's not you don't be a

trihard trihard tri subscribe but no I

think that it is really important one of

those things that you're trying to do in

high school and stuff is you're trying

to figure out who you are where the

things that you want to wear it look

guys you just gotta have your identity

you say like well whatever you're gonna

be and just be it and if you're

confident in it I feel like I miss I

don't know where I'm going with this

but what he said and more I just think

that when you're trying to get somebody

to notice you if your fake effort yeah

people will notice that you know and if

you're like being genuine and you're

actually talking about things that you

like it definitely comes off like really

nice thing and actually talking

something and then the next thing you

guys can do to get a guy's attention in

school is that be confident enough to

put yourself out in front of them a lot

now I feel like I talked about this in

my channel all the time right there's

always that old kind of stereotype over

like the guy has to talk to the girl

first and I'm a believer that it doesn't

have to be that way um if you like

someone you want to say sensual

say it's something to them so the easy

way to do that or the another easy way I

should say it's about the blunt way is

to just start conversations with them

like whenever you want to talk to them

and obviously if you like the person or

you want to get their attention is

and the only thing I would say is if you

don't want to exactly be the person to

initiate the conversation but you want

to like at least increase your chances

of like kind of like moving towards that

it's like be around be friendly smile

like make eye contact

put yourself in their presence more more

frequent yeah I like walking through the

hallway don't like try to avoid avoid

them try to like time I've been to a

mime person let's knock them down every

time you see them don't try to avoid

them try to actually like talk every

time we say a point of alright the next

thing that I came up with is obviously

something that I think a lot of you guys

might do already and that is use social

media try to comment on their stuff that

they're doing like their pictures we tap

them send them snapchats all that kind

of stuff I think that if you just get

into their DM somehow that's gonna be a

great way to actually get somebody to

notice you josh is right but focus on

school first you gotta learn things

learning is so important like just like

3 likes I'm like recent pictures

randomly is awesome because it's

intriguing but it's also not like you're

like openly throwing yourself at

someone's if you go through and like

like their first three pictures they

ever post it that's weird don't do that

definitely social media is one of those

ways to get them to notice you if you

guys didn't know that already I think

that's a really good way the next thing

I would say you can do to really get

someone's attention not only just the

guys but just to get other people's

attention in general is if you can find

a way to like find a passion let's just

say you know it could just be as simple

as doing really well in school or being

involved in a lot of different things

whether it be you're honest you know

sports team or in some club or you play

an instrument and if you are succeeding

like people like to be around successful

people the prime example I have with

this in my high school we had a female

girl a female girl what the hell in high

school we had a girl who was a good

friend of mine named Emily she actually

was the kicker on her football team and

that drove

like she was passionate she did her own

thing she wasn't looking for anything

but because she was doing her thing and

not looking like that Oh everyone like

one people love people that are doing

laps or Brian

I think anybody who is very like over

disagreeable you agree that like

sometimes I can be like a turn-off I was

like maybe being open-minded yeah be

like the like the better way I would say

just like if you're someone that's

open-minded and anytime you are in a

conversation and you're like interested

in what they're saying like everyone

likes to talk about them something I

literally just talked about this in a

different I just did everyone likes to

talk about themselves and there's no

better way to like get someone to want

to talk to you more then you don't let

them talk to you about whatever they

want to talk yeah and I for people to

just like shut it down sometimes

sometimes it like is like well maybe I

don't want to talk anymore because like

this person always just doesn't want me

to know another thing I would say like

is a good idea and is also a little less

stressful is if you can try to get your

friends to hang out with him and his

friends at times it can be intimidating

to just pursue someone one-on-one

especially like if any of you guys are

either in like middle school or like

your young years of high school like you

know they think send a lot of confidence

sometimes it's easier to make it be like

a friend gathering so if you can find

ways to just you know kind of intermix

friend groups especially I think when

you have people introducing you to other

people and land stuff like that like

even if you tell somebody that you like

maybe their friend and then you're able

to get that friend to introduce you to

them I think that that whole thing right

that just makes it a lot easier that's

just another way for them to like see

more and see you more in like a casual

manner which you can be kind of good I

like that merging friends is good I

think that I tried to do that when I was

in high school but it failed but like

sometimes it just doesn't work when I

was in high school guys listen no girls

wanna do it was bad like I think those

are all the points yeah I think those

are really good points yeah but like I

would seriously say though guys like

don't make it be like your main focus I

think the best way to get someone to

notice you is by being yourself and

putting yourself out there don't be

afraid to initiate conversations but

don't over stress and like make it be

like you're number one probably in

school especially like you're gonna gain

a lot more than just you know flirty

relationships and whatever grade you're

in so like if you could find a way to

like have your priorities

and then still just kind of like keep

that in mind with your social life I

think that will be helpful for you just

try to talk to as many people as you can

I think and when you see them in the

hallways don't avoid them try to talk to

them don't like push them away so those

are some good points I think that we we

nailed something too so hopefully that

was helpful don't forget about the

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