Use This Approach to Begin Contacting Companies

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right calm show my name is Andrew Krause

I'm the co-founder today what we're

going to do is give you confidence for

those of you that have never contacted a

company we're going to give you the

confidence to go actually contact a few

you don't have to have an idea you don't

have to contact some of these for your

ideas you're going to use the the

approach that I'm going to show you

right here and it's kind of homework and

I want you guys to reply in the comments

down below as to how it went okay and

I'm going to go ahead and monitor is not

forever not for the next ten years but

for the next for the next couple weeks

I'm gonna go ahead and monitor the

comments I want to see how you guys did

so a lot of people are really afraid of

contacting companies and by doing what

I'm going to show you here is is it's

going to take that fear away when you

realize that you can contact companies

you can submit ideas so I'm going to

show you how to just get a phone number

for a couple companies and call them and

and ask them if you can submit an idea

okay and just having done it so if they

say no that's fine

if they say yes but I don't know how to

put you with whatever just that you know

that you contacted a company and you

took away some of that fear that you

actually did it you call the company it

wasn't scary it was doable and that's

what we're going to try to do today okay

so I'm going to shrink my video down

here so in order I want to give you some

criteria here for what you're trying to

do you're just trying to find a company

so it doesn't add I would recommend not

doing it in an area that you're working

in just so that you're not fearful of

messing something up so I just went on

target comm here and I'm going to use a

example I use often I'm gonna type in

kitchen cutting board okay

so what am I doing here I'm just looking

for any random company to call but a

company that's actually in a major

retailer you want to be in so I typed in

kitchen cutting board in a target and

you can see here this company is this

Farber we're right and in this cup

selling these that's far everywhere this

company is our architect yeah and then

you see some more chicago cutlery

architects architects I'm not telling

you to contact these companies guys you

need to do this yourself find a random

coming because if all you are calling

the same company that's not going to

work well they'll be like what's going

on here so so we got the name of the

company it's right here this one the

name of the company is farmer and this

one is architect so let's do architect

first so I'm going to do is I'm going to

copy the name of that company I'm going

to open up a new tab in my browser not

hard to do right and I'm going to search

architect now it's a kitchen product

right so I'm going to type architect

kitchen products because it's a it's a

cutting board so I'm going to type

because what we're looking for is the

company website okay so right here we

found them real easy

I didn't just type in architect because

I did that before and you get all these

architects right they're doing buildings

and things but I type in architects

space kitchen space products and it's

right there architect products and you

know it's the company because you can

tell by looking at their their homepage

you know it's okay this kitchen products

all right what I like to do is I like to

just jump right down to the bottom look

for a contact us button I'm going to do

that I found about an oh damn okay just

a form what sucks okay let's see if we

can find a number here I'm going to

click on this little phone symbol and

guess what it takes us to the same page

so they're not giving us a phone number

are they now let's see so all their

brands so they have architect EcoSmart

homegrown gourmet products MIDI RIA

Madeira and TSP let's click on TSP

didn't take us to another website has

all their products really really helpful

but still don't have a click on contact

us again okay just phone number now I

could Google for this I could type an

architect corporate website I did that a

minute ago it didn't work but you could

dig up the phone number for this company

you could also drop them an email

through this form and say you

now I I'm looking to submit I'm an

independent product developer I'm

looking to submit a product to your

company who would be the right person to

contact you could put your your first

name last name email and your message in

there and send it to them okay or you

could google a little bit more and you

could find their their corporate website

and call their corporate number so let's

do this again with a company I'm more

familiar with farber where so again I'm

going to copy the name of that company

and I'm going to paste it in here type

in let's do it again

Farber we're kitchen products okay and

let's see Farber where I see Farber

where cookware calm these other ones

were like Walmart and stuff see where

this takes us that's awfully slow top of

a more of an ordering website let's go

down the bottom contact us cookware

recipes about us sometimes see videos

now you know I came across another fara

where site when I search this before

let's take a look instead of doing

however we're kitchen products you see

this is a perfect example of the same

thing doesn't work all the time

Farber wears a very big company so we're

just going to search far aware now that

is much better I kind of did this on

purpose guys but and I just see Farber

wear calm you can also just type the

company name calm that's quite often

what it is so I win their website okay

and it's showing you all their different

products here you can click on and get

more info but right big is hack right up

there is just contact oh okay you know

any questions about any of our products

please call these corresponding numbers

below cookware cutlery like a different

phone numbers they're very customer

oriented now these are customer numbers

you know what you don't want to talk to

these folks but that's okay they want to

talk to them to help you contact one of

these numbers and then say you know I'd

like to get ahold of a marketing manager

for your flatware say I'm not I'm not a


I like your corporate number you could

just say you know because the people

that pick up these lines if they're just

doing flatware and they're like they're

used to helping customers so say you

know I'm not a customer I'm a vendor and

I'd like your corporate number you could

say that and they'll probably give it to

you they'll give you the corporate

number they don't have it right here

you could probably dig around and maybe

find it some other way on the internet

as well but anyway so I don't want

people to say well I can't get phone

numbers so I just want to give you a

basic basic overview and if you do this

with a couple companies on a website

like Target both do cutting boards do

something else do anything and you can't

find a number just look at another

company like if both these two didn't

produce a number you can do chicago

cutlery and do the same thing because

the main goal here is for this video is

not showing you how to how to search for

companies and phone numbers the main

goal is I want you to call these

companies and basically say are you open

to product submissions and say can I

submit a product to you that's what I

want you to do I want you to call these

companies and say I'm a product

developer I develop and licensing

products and can I submit a product your

company what would be the approach what

would be who should I call who should I

talk to and they may not know and if

they don't say well you know how about

your marketing manager handles your

flatware or the handle is your cutting

boards or something like that

so I'm not telling you to call these two

companies I'm telling you to call a

company any company and realize there

are guys hey take a hike buddy you know

they're not going to say that they're

good but I'm not going to tell you that

all your calls are going to be like all

they told me exactly what to do but

you're going to realize like if it

wasn't scary I can keep calling

companies keep trying to figure out

different ways to get in and the

gatekeeper isn't going to tell me to

take a hike in most cases all right so

that's the reason why I want you to do

this so go ahead and do that tell me how

it went in the comments down below I

can't go back and forth million times

but for a couple weeks I will take a

look at that and I will respond to what

some people say about what their

experience was and it should be fun so

take care keep inventing we'll catch

over the next time see ya bye