How to Approach Girls at the Gym (5 EASY STEPS!)

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what's going on bro it's David here and

in this video I'm gonna give you a step

by step plan for approaching and picking

up girls at the gym let's get started

okay I'm not gonna waste no time let's

get started number one is your mindset

and what I mean by this is that the main

reason you should be going to the gym is

to work out and work on your body not to

pick up girls if when you walk into the

gym the only thing you're doing there is

looking around and trying to spot cute

girls then on one end you're gonna have

a kind of a creepy vibe about you and on

the other hand you got to realize that

the type of girl that's going to the gym

is going to be extracted to guys who are

actually into working out and into

fitness so right now if there's someone

who already loves working out then you

can disregard this point you're good to

go grow but if you're someone who

doesn't really like it and enjoy it yet

then you need to ask yourself what your

main motivation for improving your body

is I hope that makes sense anyway it's

time for me hit the gym for my workout I

will see you and continue the video on

the way there all right yeah we are

walking to the gym here with the homie

Dave what's up so if you've watched my

last few videos you know I've been in

San Diego for the week and this is

actually the last video I'll do I'm

headed back to Boston tomorrow anyway

let's keep the video going the second

step I have for you is gym swag look man

if you want to give yourself the best

possible chance of attracting women at

the gym then you want to make sure that

you stand out from all the other dudes

who are just wearing Nike or Under

Armour or old sweatshirts or old cut-off

t-shirts so the best way to accomplish

this is to wear clothes that are a

little bit more stylish but still super

functional and the good news is that

over the past couple of years a few

brands have came out that offer this

type of clothing at a very reasonable

price point and my favorite brand is

called alpha Lee I'm actually wearing a

tank top from them now but if you can

see it has this cool kind of like swoop

at the bottom of it that makes it

instantly stand out from a regular gym

tank top so I'm gonna put a link to

their online store in the description

and also I would recommend checking out

my Instagram

just because I post a lot of photos that

give you good examples of gym outfits

that will accomplish this anyway or get

into the gym now but keep watching

because after the workout I'm gonna give

you three crucial steps for actually

approaching girls in the gym and you

know you don't want to miss that let's





alright guys we're with Danny here

outside of our fit athletic club

I'll throw Instagram on the screen

Casey's gonna follow her she's gonna

give her number one tip for approaching

girls at the gym guys do not wear tights

the long tights okay under shorts but no

shortcuts no shorts ice you guys aren't

here first all right guys we are done at

the gym let's keep the video rolling the

third step I have for you is don't force

it and what I mean by that is there's

certain curls that you don't want to

approach at the gym if a girl has her

headphones on she has a low hat on and

she's just looking at the floor her

whole workout she probably does not want

to be interrupted however if there's a

girl who keeps making eye contact with

you or she keeps working out and like

the same area you're at at the gym like

she's almost following you around

or maybe she keeps taking long rest

periods and looking at her phone then

this is the type of girl who's gonna be

open to being approached and having a

conversation with you so that's what you

want to look out for I hope that makes

sense anyway we have to get some

post-workout gains in so we're gonna

head to our favorite breakfast spot here

in San Diego and then I will keep the

video going and tell you how to actually

make the approach all right guys we're

here at Lucky's lunch counter now we've

literally Aiden here I think five days

of the seven days we've been here it's

the best breakfast I've ever tasted no

lie by the way if you're enjoying this

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don't want to miss them let's get these

gains in all right so we got some

sausage corned beef hash

over easy eggs the best french toast

ever and the dave's got the same thing

we just like we get both of them we

split them in half

well why we do that bro cuz you small

you can handle the whole thing there's

actually for the opposite reasons

because we had a little man right here

see you guys after the meal

alright guys breakfast is done Dave

headed back to the apartment but I'm

gonna keep the video rolling and give

you number four and that is Jim talk and

what I mean by that is when you approach

a girl at the gym you want to start the

conversation with something that is gym

related and there's two reasons you want

to do this first of all it's just gonna

make it easier for you to start a

conversation and second of all it's

gonna prevent you from coming across as

weird or creepy so what I usually like

to do is to ask the girl if she can

recommend me a good ab exercise because

if you go to the gym you know that girls

love doing a bunch of weird ab exercises

at the end of their workout so that's

something that she's gonna be happy to

help you with and then after that I'd

recommends probably just making small

talk and learning a little bit about her

for 30 seconds for a minute but realize

that both of you guys are in the middle

of a workout so then you can in the

conversation by saying well hey I got to

get back to my workout but would you

want to hang out sometime and if she's

down to just get her phone number

and if she's not down then make sure you

play it cool here and tell her you know

it's okay just take it as a compliment

you really don't want to be pushy here

because you're probably gonna see her at

the gym again and again and you don't

want to make it awkward for yourself my

man anyway before I give you the final

tip let's head home a shower up all

right guys we're fresh out the shower

and feeling good yo what but this saves

me the time getting dressed anyway let's

keep it moving let's wrap the video up

the fifth and final step is to make

friends and what I mean by that is you

should not only be approaching cute

girls at the gym you should also take

the time to start conversations with the

trainer's there and the other gym

regulars because on one hand the more

people you know at the gym the more

comfortable and confident you're going

to be in that environment

and on the other hands when you're in

there you know naturally chatting

everyone up who's there and girls see

this that's gonna give you a high status

and then when you do finally approach

her she's gonna be much more open to

talking to you and hanging out with you

outside of the gym and there you have it

those are five key steps you need to

take to pick girls up at the gym but

there's something else that's extremely

Oh what the hell man I get out here this

is my balcony and to my Airbnb here in

San Diego anyway what I was gonna say is

that there's actually another crucial

factor when it comes to picking up girls

at the gym and that is having an

aesthetic body that women are attracted

to and the good news here is that there

have actually been several studies done

that have proven there's one specific

body type that women crave the most and

you're in luck because I actually just

created a free online program that

reveals what this body type is and it

also shows you the fastest way to

achieve this look in the gym so if you

want to get access to that now then just

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