How To Approach A Girl For The First Time| Do’s And Don’ts

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videos weekly so our topic today is

going to be how to approach your female

also what girls like in a guy so it's a

various amount of things having to do

with relationships girls guys

approaching all of that stuff ok so area

what or how would you want a man or a

male to approach you so like let me just

talk about how I've been approached

before that I don't want it and how

you're supposed to do how I would like

you to approach it so this is how guys

normally approach people in Toronto ok

you'll be walking so you're walking the

mall or walking on the street in the

summer they'll be in the car go down the

window whistling at me like what's the

net me saying

whoa pause one don't say yo to me I'm

not your dog you don't know me right

whoa foo and then when they're whistling

excuse me like at least stay like like

but you know you over there or like

naughty bangs it's not in you over there

but like come closer to me and say can I

talk to you first okay beautiful hello

beautiful even that I got corny but you

know what I mean like even so he's not

calling out your name is still something

that I guess respectable and like you

know cute yeah like oh yeah don't

whistle at me don't say yo don't don't

like they don't check him on a damn wah

like I don't I don't say that that's

America to me like but properly you know

she read it she write it then Oh was

like oh really hate it grinds my gears

and they say yo yo yo I just went around

and then when he told library when you

don't want him he wasn't even Q anyways

are you crying everyone homeless spa are

you crazy you but she just followed me

and got a block when I say we pull the

front part sorry my Mendes they allowed

me to have friends that say oh but I

don't even see that I see I have enough

friends like they don't they they don't

care if you have a bad no more not at

all okay so so but for me a question to

you guys if your girlfriend if you had a

girlfriend and a guys might do it to


well that how we don't happen how would

you yeah well then you would want a

guide to them can I be your friend I

could still be your friend you wouldn't

like that so why would you love to

someone else's girlfriend like you know

what I feel like guys should just accept

when a female if I interested in you can

tell one if he was not interested

because there's no eye contact

she'll probably look that one time when

you heard what you heard you say

something and she'll keep it moving it

there's not really any eye contact and

she's not stopping she is not stopping

then just let her be you said even then

so they think that oh there's something

hard to get no cuz i watch the watch and

i'm a hard to get you crazy

i'm so so good no I want you it depends

on everyone's different some people try

to play her in charge to see how you

move in are you flex everybody's


I guess I I do that sometimes with I

don't know

okay what I like oh my god so I like

when a guy obviously you want your man

to be or you like you want a man that's

attractive okay

but I realized that that's not always

like number one sometimes like he

doesn't have to be the best-looking

because I feel like the really cute guys

are really I can't be sleeping next to

someone that doesn't look great like no

I see now you don't have to worry when

it comes to guys cuz they don't wear

makeup this one I know but like you know

like I'm waking up next to you and I'm

waking up and looking at you and like

you look scary like okay but like I said

you didn't have to be ugly but he

doesn't have to be the cutest Island I

don't mind him being cute like he took

me the cutest guy ever talked to but

cute like you know as long as he has to

have something to make up for it so like

his personality the way he dresses has

to be really nice and um yeah like his

personality I notice someone be funny

like if you're quiet designer yeah your

demeanor says I need to know that you

match my demeanor and like you know

you're not always available like guy

that's always available I don't want it

I always try to chill like what you all

sure the chilli don't you don't worry

yeah I don't money late but yeah but

then again like make time for me exactly

the weekends okay the same thing that

ships and Gaia is kind of similar to

what I like different guys but what I

don't like is like when you're first

start starting to talk so that

and there I'm just going to call you

every second right because maybe they're

thinking their head like I don't want to

bother this girl you know make she's my

boy right detail but I feel like guys

guys should like show their interests

like I should say guys should show the

interest more than the girl should show

the interest but I feel like they should

like push their relationship more you

know push button more like they should

call it call your phone make sure you're

okay like you should it should go both

ways but terse that makes that in the

beginning I think I should like more

like yeah you're my girl you know we're

moving forward we're doing this we're

doing that whereas having but then and

when they're like that it makes you feel

like he's to push because it also girls

are like there's the girls are just

different like if you're to like

relationship relationship type of guy

it's like you're too pushy but then if

you're not calling me here and there and

it's like he doesn't like I know she

means she means like I want to hear from

you but I don't want you to be pushing

up on me well I need to be able to say

like you're my girl like are you my god

I got the shorty at least time you're

asked you know what's good it's just

this is what guys need to do I feel like

when you bring your when you go out with

the girl you're interested in and you

bring her on your friends or you know

you're at dinner and waitress or waiter

comes be like my girl like see call her

my girl like around people like it makes

her know that oh say word like he's

calling me his girl around his friend

he's called me here people know like

exactly like you know don't like girls

like to hear that if they're interested

in you especially like my girl if I'm

not interested in you then just chill

but you be with my girl my girl pretty

my girl the compliment me compliment me

when you see me like I look sexy you're

so pretty like Tommy B's that's all mine

that's all me like I feel good like you

have to can't want your girl to look for

that in other places and I don't switch

up after you guys been together first oh

my god you get that couldn't you like

don't be doing now why are you switching

off for me that's fraud that's fragile

it's fraudulent

don't do that acts like it's 2018 like

if you have the

and work to get the cookie and then dip

your you don't get girls you don't have

to do that late I don't mean like not

even dipping just acting different like

don't act different why still call me

the way you're calling me before still

like you don't still do the one to that

you were doing before you go but I

expected more because me and you're on a

different level now next topic I have

another topic do you feel like when is

it okay to give the cookie what do you

think it's okay see do you think that

the girls would give it the same time

they meet the guy okay

do you think it's wrong and they're

messing up when they give it soon like

let's say the same month or even week or

two do you think they're wrong or do you

think the girls who hold it all wrong or

there's nobody wrong I don't think

anybody's okay I don't think anybody's

wrong but it all depends on dependent if

you know him if you feel like it's all

on instinct it's all about instant I

thought my instinct 100% follow your

interests telling you man just do it

like whatever to it and I do it you

never know the outcome is different on

every guy you never know a guy might

think like okay she gave me two minutes

I mean anything

I didn't a date you know I'm still gonna

progress or ham still gonna I'm still

gonna you know I don't you got a thinker

I'm still gonna that I want I want this

girl you know I wanna I want to see what

we can build in the future

but also I think saving it Kesari okay

I feel like saving it can also help you

to understand who you're dealing with

when you save it to know what kind of

guy this is okay but also it could be

like the guys thinking like what the

hell like sex up brings brings people

closer in my opinion I think it brings

you guys closer because I got in my

thing though yeah the maturity of the

guy with the guy you're dealing with

they get the guys are matured ok so then

tell them what you would do if you don't

mind I know how you would doing

something like will you be that girl

that waits or would you be that girl who

we are

a girl that would wait because I feel

I'm always I'm not person that thinks so

deep so I'm thinking like okay what's

this guy's mind like what if this guy

didn't your daughter I feel like okay

you know what I'm knowing I just just to

be sure know just to be sure that okay

like even if I wait even if you just

want to talk to me okay they say I still

have my innocence you know I still have

you feel like it was still have yeah

yeah she's all I said waiting it's good

and I want to be able to understand I

want to see what I'm getting myself into

before I to give you something that I

plus this appreciate you know like I

don't want everybody to say oh I I've

been through that I had that know like

that stuff is not cool with me like

she's 100% right because I definitely

would not be giving up my cookie and I'm

on even two months like no I feel like I

feel like I need to notice how the

person you are who you surround yourself

around the queer anxiety how you acting

you around those people even just

conversation was the person that I'm

talking to what Tommy does have a person

you are like I'm such an observer to the

point where I would like I will observe

every single thing and you won't even

know him and I won't necessarily speak

on me unless I feel like it's something

that I really need to speak on but yeah

like I'm I was there an observer and I

feel like it shouldn't even be a boat

the sex like you should just want to be

around me you should want to get to know

me too you should want to like you don't

feel me out before you even give me

anything before you even jump in bed

with me like that's you guys and girls

are different maturity like it's true we

don't mature until shoot me even with

sex guys don't think anything big of sex

a lot of guys think okay what is it your

sister would you want your sister to be

giving think about having a little


pick me wavy like I feel like but yeah

also like that yeah I feel like you guys

I think first like okay

let me just lowdown okay I feel like

when you're first started talking to a

girl you should be like your first like

you chillin with her the first thing you

guys should do is go out I don't feel

like home that going to your house is a

proper mother place to even get to know

each other like to know cuz why are we

going to your house like what are your

mom's hopes wherever it is going to your

house know what's at your home you know

I might as well stay at my own I'm so

money on my meal we're going out to eat

that's a lot Phil Amy you're late you

gotta buy me infinite or you talked

about coming to your house well I'm

sorry that's just that's just me like

your house cannot be the first place

where you want to chill yeah I'll be so

like mad I'm so ignorant

next topic should a female be the first

to approach a male or should have melt

eat the first to approach you know

because of how I'm set up and how I am I

did I will not approach you but I will

give you those stairs if I look at you

and make you basically your body you

speak with your body language just make

you know that don't you yeah you're cute

like I'm attracted to you

this job yeah she's right she's 100%

right because I lose it just the way I

am gonna really stuff I'm like and so I

even stubborn like I guess it's my ego

and my pride I have the biggest pride

ever we have the biggest pride ever

little more though my private tool my

boyfriend tells me he will kill me but I

don't think so I feel like it protects

me too

like I don't know like I feel like I

feel like a guy sets a tone in

relationships period like I thought the

guy that sets a tone so it's like if you

guys are hunters if you want something

then you should go get it

like that's just it and if you're if you

want me if you're attracted to me you

want to like fill me out then like if I

was looking at ain't no way didn't bit

then you know wait and it's 2018 like

we're on to another year like it's time

to basa if you're not showing me that

you want me if it's hard for you to see

ya then like you're getting done like

I'm not even then I'm gonna ask you am I

gonna be talking no more like okay like

I say more someone else that

you lost period of time to talk I have

time to do investigations that I don't

have time today but I see something I

don't like in your moving weird go to

French to mole would refer to say a fair

share of Dettol water tops you and I my

life no more that's it

that's the end of our video yeah so I

think we covered everything for the most

part you do think of warm we're gonna

have a party too so stay tuned for that

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