How to Approach OLDER Women (works EVERY time)

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what's your name rasa yes are you from


no okay do you want to like want to hook


boy if you don't what's going on guys


we're going to be talking about how to

approach older women

and we're starting right now


what's the difference between older

women and younger girls

well older women don't play games

they know what they want and that's for

you to be a mature young man

see when i'm talking to an older woman i

tend to try to hold

my masculine frame way more than i would

if i'm with a younger girl what that

means for me is

i don't laugh at the jokes i try not to

laugh as much period

if i do it's more smooth examples

guys you're already young you don't want

her to think you're immature too

she's looking for a man not a boy and

you can't

put an age on that the wrong way to

approach an older woman

is when she acts your age you tell her

how old are you i guess oh god are you

at least 21

i am exactly 21. and then you try to


that you're a man even though you're

young doing this

is a rookie mistake and you know how i

know it's because

that's how i used to do it until an

older woman turned me down and explained

to me

why it doesn't work i used to say stuff

like i'm young but i got myself together

i'm in college i got a nice car my own


so yeah i'm young but i have everything

you need in a man

and that older woman said all those

things don't make you a man baby

or mature and i thought you were cute

but your approach

was all wrong sweetie then she walked


now me being me i approached her again

later on that night

and acted like nothing happened i gave

her a different name too

and said something like hey i'm sean we

haven't met yet

but you look familiar and she replied

you're persistent

i thought you said your name was chris

and i replied

oh chris that's my immature twin brother

and she laughed

then we talked for a bit and she gave me

her number

psych that's the wrong number

so that's a bad way to approach older

women but what's a good way

example you're at the bar and you see an

older woman

you walk over and say hey i thought you

were captivated

so i had to come over and see if the

looks matched your personality

o'shea stop michelle i know what y'all

gonna say

bro who the hell says captivating i do

what are you gonna call her

adorable cute pretty no she's not 15.

she's an older captivating woman and i

think it makes you sound sophisticated

we don't care let me tell you let me

tell you anyways

she said something like oh you're so


and i replied cute is for teddy bears

but you can call me handsome she laughed

and said

how old are you young man and i said in

a manly voice

i'm old enough i'm chris what's your


then continue to get to know her and ask

normal questions like

where you from what are you getting into


etc then she brings back up my age

but seriously how old are you and i'd

say something like

you're asking the wrong question but

since you're curious

i'm 64. 676.547853

call me tonight what number is that it's

my village

just call me put that in your phone

that's the right question that boy is

good she laughed

proceeded to ask again and i said i

guess since you're pulling my arm

slight laugh i'm 30. how old are you

she replied oh you're not supposed to

ask alone yeah you're supposed to ask

yeah i've heard that's the night sky

rule but honestly

do i look like the kind of guy that

follows rules then i stopped

looked at her breasts and said i just


that you have some really pretty eyes oh

[ __ ]

stop the show again that joke always

leaves the girls crying laughing

but don't laugh when you say that joke

so then i'd say something like

but all jokes aside i'll let you keep

your age a secret

i'm more interested in getting your

number hand her the phone

with the contact page already open now

you got her number

but don't leave continue to build

rapport find out the logistics

what she's about to do and if she's free

to grab coffee or drinks

and it's the day if she's not free still

talk to her for a few minutes

make sure to end the conversation if

possible on a laugh

or what i consider a high note that's

how they usually do it in the movies

an example of that would be if you said

something funny like my

you have pretty eyes jokes when she

laughs and then say something like

i let me get out of here i don't want

you falling in love too fast

but say you do get on an insta date some

of the common questions you'll hear

what's the oldest woman you've ever

dated i'd say something like

i don't keep up with that kind of stuff

to be honest

i only date older women and i've dated

older women

that still act young so your age doesn't

really matter to me

as long as you're sexy and mature why

don't you date

younger girls well younger women don't

normally know

what they want in a man in my experience

they don't know

how to treat a good man but with an

older woman

if she doesn't like something normally

she'll just tell you

so you don't have to guess what's wrong

you're young

what are you looking to do just get some

ass nah

i'm not looking just for ass i like

breasts too

let her laugh whole frame no

but honestly i never know what i'm

looking for until i meet a woman

i mean you're cute but i don't sleep

with everybody i meet

why the [ __ ] you lying you could be a


those are most of the [ __ ] tests but for

the most part

just sit back and let her do 75 percent

of the talking

you don't want to talk your way out of

the [ __ ] so she's not doing anything


invite her back to your place and if

you're not sure what to do

when you get it back to your place watch

the invite her back to your place video

i talk about what to do with a woman

when you get it back to your place

at the end of the video so anyways

that's all i got for you guys

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