How to Apologize When You Don't Think You've Done Anything Wrong

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hi there its melody Burke again today I

want to give you a tool that will follow

you the rest of your life something that

will be so easy to use and you'll be

astounded at the results it's called how

to apologize when you don't think you've

done anything wrong most of us find

ourselves feeling really defensive when

somebody attacks us by saying accusing

us of something or yelling at us or

obviously we've done something that has

offended or hurt them and we don't think

there was anything wrong with what we

did or what we said so how do you handle

that most of us attack back most of you

start getting defensive and angry back

which of course doesn't result in

anything positive it only results in you

feeling bad about yourself distant from

that person and maybe even it can cause

a divorce is it can cause losses of