A perfect apology in three steps | Jahan Kalantar | TEDxSydney

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you would think that saying sorry would

get easier the older we become as

children we like the words to describe

how we feel inside but it doesn't in

fact as adults we now have two problems

one we never learn to say sorry properly

and two we're anxious about doing so and

that's completely understandable we live

in a very complex world and we all yearn

for simplicity basically we favor emojis

or emotions but sometimes you can't

afford to not show how sorry you are

sometimes everything is on the line I'm

a criminal defense lawyer I stand beside

people on one of the hardest days of

their life I'm their ally I'm their

friend I'm their advocate but I'm also

their guilt I'm their blame I'm their

shame I am with them when they are the

most vulnerable they will ever be and