So A VIRGO Is Mad At You... (Sun, Moon, Mars)

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hi star babies welcome back to my

Channel today I'm gonna make another

video in my anger series basically where

I talk about all of the zodiac signs and

how they deal with anger how they might

get angry or show that they're angry and

how you can resolve the situation so

today I'm going to be doing Virgo anger

and that's one that's been requested a

lot so I'm really excited to do it

now before I start this video I wanted

to just pitch a question to you and you

could leave your answers in the comments

below if you wouldn't mind thinking of

investing in a vlogging camera as I have

mentioned before but I want to know if

that's something you're actually

interested in if you're interested in me

doing vlogs while I'm here in Utah and

then back in LA and continuing that kind

of vlogging thing with a better quality