How To Apologize To A Man

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welcome I'm Connor Beaton and today

we're gonna be talking about how to

apologize to a man now if you tuned in

last week to the episode the midweek

mini episode last week you would have

heard me talking about how to apologize

to a woman which was one of the most

downloaded one of the most shared one of

the most talked-about podcasts and I

think I have ever done it was wild I

mean I was getting like direct messages

on Instagram and Facebook and like

someone emailed me about I mean this it

was it was insane so if you haven't

checked it out please go and listen to

it along with the Steven Hayes interview

which got a ton a ton of attention and

attraction but today we're talking about

how to apologize to a man and just

before I dive into that I just want to

let you all know of a really incredible