4 Steps to a Great Apology

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Hey, this is Mat Boggs, and today let’s talk about apologizing. You know, none of

us are perfect and when it comes to relationships, it’s not about having a perfect relationship,

but it’s about being able to recover when one of us makes a mistake or when we have

some friction or experience a bump in the road of love. The ability to recover, the

ability to bring a relationship back is essential when talking about how to create something

that lasts, something that’s deep, something that’s meaningful. And part of being able

to bring it back to a place of connection when you’re really disconnected is being

able to apologize and apologize well. And ironically, most people don’t really know

how to apologize. In fact, I didn’t know really how to apologize until I was taught

by an amazing woman named Pam Hendrickson, who was Tony Robbins’ program director for

over 19 years and really served Tony Robbins and his company well. So we hired her to do

some work for our company and she was going through this whole training on interpersonal

relationships and dynamics and she gave us a great formula for how to apologize.

Now, I thought I was a pretty good apologizer but I didn’t have all of these steps really

down and it makes a big difference. And so I asked her if I could share this with you

and she was delighted and gave her blessing. So here are the four steps to an amazing apology

as told to us by Pam Hendrickson, and then I’m going to share with you a little story

of how this was applied to my life in a time when I really screwed up.

Step number one is to say, “This is what happened, and I take responsibility.” Step

number two is to state, “This is what I’m already doing and have already done to fix

the problem or to solve it.” Step number three and step number four are what most people