How to Make A Proper Apology in 3 Steps

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I was talking to a friend of mine the

other day and we were talking about

apologies and I was sharing with him

about how to apologize properly and

what's not helpful that a lot of people

do when they apologize that can actually

make things worse and after having this

conversation he said man I wish I knew

this stuff sooner

why don't they teach this in school this

is so important and so I thought well if

he didn't know it and he's a smart guy

then there's probably other people that

aren't aware of how to do a proper

apology either so I wanted to share it

with all of you here so I'm gonna give

you the three-step process for how to

properly apologize and then also two big

things to look out for that a lot of us

do that actually can end up negating the

whole apology actually making the