3 NARCISSIST APOLOGY TYPES WITH EXAMPLES: And Why You Shouldn't Trust Any of Them!

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in my last video seven things

narcissists say to excuse their bad

behavior one of those things was

actually a form of fake apology and a

lot of you reached out in the comments

to let me know that you could relate

that you have heard that fake apology

many many times before and that got me

thinking because that is actually just

one of three types of fake apologies

that you might hear from the narcissist

and in today's video we're going to

cover each of those fake apologies with

examples and then we're gonna put each

of them to the test

as we explore the four components of a

sincere apology and you can definitely

use this information to help you spot a

fake apology in the future so if you're

ready let's get to it