3 WAYS you need to know when apologizing in Japan!

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Number one would be "Gomen nasai"!

Second way to apologize is ....

Second one is "Sumimasen"

And the third one is?

3rd is "Moushiwake arimasen".

- There is the strong one! - Yes!

Hello everyone this is Cathy Cat.

And this is Misato.

Today we will learn 3 important ways to apologize in Japan.

Why three? That's because Japan is a VERY polite culture, right?

I guess so.

Very polite.

The other day we interviewed foreigners and one said there are so many

ways to say sorry in Japan.

Depending on the level of formality, we will show you three of those.

- Yes we will. - Which is number one?

- Number one is "Gomen nasai"! - When do you use it?

Gomen nasai is the most basic way to apologize.

People you get along with well. When you say "gomen nasai" it's ok.

If you think you have done something wrong, then say "gomen nasai"

And your friend should understand that you feel sorry.