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Apologize? You should never apologize for the drunk text. [ MUSIC ] They should be honored

that you drunk texted them. Because why? You were thinking about them. Who else is thinking

about you. I think is nice for people to think about me. How about you don't take your phone

out when you're drinking that much. I don't think anyone should apologize for a drunken

text. I've sent countless ones, and I'm going to send countless more, so, don't draw too

much attention to it, just say, yeah, too many ager bomb [ MUSIC ] Moving on. Yeah.

My bad. Sometimes we say silly things and it's funny and sometimes it can make a lot

of fun memories for later on. Hopefully you're not texting your parents. But if it's just

your friend, like, who cares, just laugh it off. It's not that big of a deal. It's not

that serious. If someone really likes you there's not much you can do to **** things

up. Think of it when you like a guy, and then they do something stupid or corny, and you

kind of laugh, but it doesn't turn you off from the situation cuz you like them. Unless

you're a total crazy person, like, a total nutjob, they wanna hear from you. Because,

everybody wants another [ UNKNOWN ] about. When I wake up in the morning and I don't

get any drunk texts, I'm a little upset. [ MUSIC ]