How To Apologize For Being Late

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so I'm gonna tell you the best way to

apologize for being late how often are

you late infrequently that's good I'm

one I'm one of those people I'm usually

pretty good at timing and so I can give

someone a heads up so then I don't end

up being late I tell them early enough

that they can change the schedule a

little bit and then we're both on time

so rather than the usual giving excuses

telling them oh I'm sorry I was late

I was doing this or doing this something

got held back later you're gonna

apologize for being late first of all

and then you're gonna apologize even

further by explaining that you

understand how worthwhile their time is

and how important their time is and that

you are extremely sorry for taking their

time so instead of keeping the entire

situation on you you you you're