How to Apologize

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love means never having to say you're

sorry the quote may be famous but we

here at well-cast

disagree the ability to pluck up the

courage to sincerely apologize is one of

the most important skills you'll learn

in life and it especially becomes handy

with the people you love of course

apologizing can be terrifying it's the

kind of thing you build up into a huge

deal the kind of thing you lose sleep

over and perhaps continue to put it off

we all do and this week we took a viewer

suggestion from speedos bud we're going

to walk you through that difficult

awkward sweaty moment when you have to

take a deep breath and say I'm sorry it

turns out people who are able to bite

the bullet and apologize are emotionally

healthier than those who can't a study

done at Grant MacEwan University in