Part 2 - How to Apologize to Clients and Customers - Professional English

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in this video I would like to teach you

some common English expressions for

apologizing in a business situation to

your clients to your customers and to

your co-workers in the previous video I

taught you some expressions for

apologizing in general but in this video

we will get more specific and you will

learn to apologize in a more

professional way and I will teach you

how to use these expressions

grammatically correctly and as usual I

will help you pronounce them with a good

clear American accent a more formal word

to use them sorry or apology or

apologize is the word regret that's a

very nice verb to use especially in

email communication you can say I regret

or if you represent the company you can

say we regret we deeply regret we

sincerely regret we truly regret these