How To Apologize Without Sounding Like You're Making Excuses | Ask Beard Strokings #4

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imagine you've just earned a new job yes

you've made a mistake

it was because you misunderstood some

instructions okay yeah and now the boss

has called you into his office to talk

about it how do you go in there and

explain your misunderstanding without

seeming like you're making excuses yeah

for what happened yeah okay

easy so what you want to do is firstly

remember that we'll know if it's a small

mistake right and it's the first time

you making the mistake it's probably not

a big deal as a new employee people

expect it so you can probably actually

get away with not even apologizing for

the mistake just explaining the

misunderstanding like this so there's

three things you want to say first thing

you want to say is okay when she said

this I took that to mean this other