Period pain relief naturally

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Like millions of women all over the world I struggle with menstrual cramps

each and every month I also suffer from endometriosis which is a silent and

brutal health condition that plagues an estimated 200 million women worldwide I

have had ovarian cysts cause excruciating pain during my periods

making monthly visits from Aunt Flo something I dread we need to find ways

to help relieve menstrual period pain that's why in today's video I'm going to

share with you what I have learned because I was on a mission to find new

alternative approaches therapies and smart technology that could be your

breakthrough in terms of helping to reduce period pain and giving you the

relief that you need my name is Kavita Bouknight this is the Match Health

Youtube channel. Tip number one massage with essential oils. Ladies we all know

about how wonderful essential oils can be but research has actually shown that

aromatic essential oils such as clary sage or lavender oil really do help to

relieve menstrual cramp pain now what I want to tell you about is this company

called Lola that's created this amazing roll-on it basically is the perfect

formulation of 17 different essential oils. I mean really who's gonna have the

time to sit there and create something like this on your own and they've done

it for you in this nice compact roll-on that you can use whenever you have

muscle cramps or tension I love this stuff it is honestly become my new

favorite I love the smell and I use it everywhere. Tip number two eat ginger to reduce pain and inflammation. It is recommended to

have ginger two to three times a day while you're on your period to reduce