How to Anticipate Change! - Motivational Speaker Roger Crawford

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have you ever heard someone make a

comment similar to this you know I'm

gonna be a lot more positive when things

get back to normal I see a number of you

chuckling and I think I know why very

few of any of us really believe we're

going back to normal in fact would you

agree with this that normal actually is

ahead of us and not behind us you see my

friends if we have a forward to normal

mindset we will more easily accept

change because we're ready we're going

to expect change think about your life

for a moment think back five years ago

to what was considered good maybe even

excellent now I want you to fast-forward

to today and look back five years ago

what was considered good back then today

in many ways is considered average if we

are going to increase results by

decreasing excuses by having a forward