How to See a Punch Coming in Boxing, MMA, or Street Fight

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what's going on guys Shane here in this

video we're gonna talk about

anticipating punches can you see the

punches start to come and you can move

out of the way and react to quick enough

we'll answer that question now so when

the other channel we were doing a

virtual sparring session if you guys

haven't checked that out yet it's

awesome so one of the questions that

came up when I was throwing my punches

and everyone was slipping and react and

my boy Marco Whitmer said is there a

trick to anticipate the opponent's

punches or is it all about practice and

then my boy Vega came Vega Cain said

when you went when you're in a fight how

do you know when the punch is coming so

they're pretty much asking and I

wondered the same thing when you're in a

fight is there some sort of trick to