Brutally SPAM someone’s phone for free. No download required, completely free.

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so you want to text spam someone's phone

huh well I'm going to show you how you

can do that in about two minutes and

have someone be texted from 30 to 50

different numbers daily I just tested it

on myself and it is absolutely brutal

I'm going to do another live

demonstration and re-sign up and show

you my real phone so you can see how bad

it is this happened to someone I know

and she kept bringing it up over and

over like it never stopped and based off

some of the things she said like weather

alerts and border patrol crises I was

able to do some research and reverse

engineer what happened to her and I just

figured it out

and it's terrible so the key here is to

not think about spamming someone's phone

number think about spamming an email

address because any cell phone number