17 Things To Do Upon the Death Of A Family Member by Christopher T. Stanton

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hi everyone Chris Stanton here from the

law firm of clump and Stanton in Mendota

Heights Minnesota this is my fourth

educational video for your enjoyment so

hopefully you'll learn something today

what we're going to discuss is what to

do when a family member passes away many

of the things that I'm going to talk

about are common sense but are often

overlooked during this painful and

traumatic time now the first thing that

you need to understand is nothing needs

to be done right away with the estate

oftentimes I'll have a friend or a

relative of the deceased person call me

the day that their loved one had died

wondering what am I supposed to do

legally well the answer is nothing needs

to be done right away take care of the

personal affairs including funeral and

burial and then contact me in a couple