Reach out to Recruiters on LinkedIn (the right way!)

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- People underestimate the amount of influence

that recruiters have throughout the job application process.

We also tend to underestimate the number

of prospective applicants that reach out

to recruiters on a daily basis.

In this video,

I'm gonna share the tips that help you stand out

from the crowd,

show you the three step process that's needed

to make this work and finally provide message templates

that have worked for both me and my community.

Here's the tip your message to the recruiter should end

with a request to put you in touch

with someone who's currently working the role

that you're applying for.

The three good reasons for this.

First of all, recruiters,

like most people want to help those who help themselves.

By sending this message you're clearly proactive

and are doing all the right things when it comes

to the job search process.