Alert button text on click - jQuery

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Sharing buttons:

in this video I am going to show you how

to create the patently key when using

jQuery and then show the button text

element on the alert box so here I am

using bootstrap for alpha and then Jake

will let me clear the text centered

development so that the buttons will be

in the center of the page and then the

button the 3tn PT and finally these are

bootstrap classes for the button text on

the button then how many buttons I am -

it's a four button tab so now here I

have four buttons so let me change the

button or class names and then text only

success success then warning the fan one

is the end of it so it is red color

button let's create the jQuery part here

and the script I'm using our caller

function now this is nothing but the

tockman Sadie function so this is just a

shortcut form for the documentary and we