Excel Essentials -- Level UP! -- Conditional Formatting for Due Dates and Expiration Dates

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well hello and boom-shaka-laka you know

a question I get asked a lot when I'm

teaching a live Excel class is there a

way to show in a date field when

something is either expired or past due

where something is becoming getting

close to an expiration date or a due

date or when something is comfortably

not even close to being expired or due

so there is a great way to use a feature

in Excel called conditional formatting

to do that for you and I just wanted to

show you two quick ways to do it here in

Excel so what I have is I have two

columns here I've just labeled one

expiration date and another one due date

but they're the exact same dates and the

parameters I'd like to set up are that

if today is if the expiration date is