EQUIFAX: Identity Theft - What I had to do!

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hi guys welcome my channel if you're new

welcome back if you're one of my

subscribers if you're new hit that

subscribe button I know I talked about

this about a week ago or a few days ago

it's all a blur it's just frustrating my

identity was stolen thanks to the

Equifax hack my identity was taken in

some hacker from Canada tried using my

information I got a phone call on a

Friday morning it's 6:40 in the morning

by my bank saying hey did you try

calling us we lost the connection please

don't give us any of your information we

just want to verify if you've called if

you haven't please call us back at the

fraud number that's on the back of your

card so I called talked to the bank

verified Who I am because I have a

verbal passcode that's the only thing

that stopped that hacker from accessing